The 100% Accurate Chronological Storyline of Metal Gear (From Memory) [PART 1]

September 1, 2019 (Last modified Tue Nov 28 01:56 -0500)

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During WWII, a secret alliance between America, China, and I think the Soviet Union amassed a massive cache of funds split across hundreds of shell corporations and dummy accounts. The sequence of transactions necessary to extract all the funds was stored on a chip called the Philosophers’ Legacy, named after the organization that acquired the fund. One of the Russian members intended to keep the funds for himself and pass them onto his descendants in the hopes they would be used to unite the world and put an end to all the meaningless conflict. However, rising tensions between the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War resulted in the Philosophers disbanding, and the Legacy was soon divided among the three nations. Volgin, a man with electic powers and the intended ineritor of the Philosophers’ Legacy, organized a team of expert soldiers and tactitians in order to recover the Legacy, including legendary American soldier The Boss, Eva, a CIA informant (who was secretly working for the Chinese government to recover the Legacy for them), Revolver Ocelot (who was secretly working for the KGB(but was actually secretly a CIA agent(but was really loyal to The Boss))). Below them was a second unit of special forces operatives including The Pain, The Fear, The Fury, The Sorrow, and The End. To the military world, this seemed to indicate that The Boss had defected to the Soviet Union, and so tensions suddenly escalated, leaving President Johnson little choice but to assign The Boss’s pupil and closest friend, codenamed Naked Snake, to infiltrate Russian territory and kill The Boss as a show of good faith.

Unfortunately, Snake was unable to apprehend The Boss, as she and the others managed to steal a rocket-propelled missile launcher and used it to destroy a nearby facility as a show of power. Snake was forced to retreat and recover from the encounter, before making a second attempt to carry out his mission. His intel team consisted of Major Zero, tactician and film buff, SIGINT, weapons expert, and Para-Medic, survivalist. Equipped with the knowledge they provided, Snake proceeded into the dense Russian forest, soon encountering a Sokolov, a German scientist being held captive by Ocelot’s men. Sokolov explained that he was being forced to develop a highly advanced prototype weapon for launching nuclear weapons without the need for a massive and overt missile silo, called the Shagohod. This device, equipped with rocket propulsion, would accelerate to mach speed on a runway and launch the payload from this accelerated state, giving it enough speed to reach targets on American soil from anywhere in Russia, requiring only the space needed for the runway.

Although Sokolov was recaptured soon after, Snake pressed on in search of The Boss. He soon encountered Eva, one of two CIA agents he was instructed to make contact with (the other one, Adam, was unaccounted for). He was also instructed to confirm their identity with the secret phrase: “Who are the Patriots?”, to which the response was “The La-li-lu-le-lo.” Although Eva did not give the answer, Snake decided to trust her, and the two continued on. They soon arrived at a Soviet military base where another scientist, Granin, was holed up. In a drunken stupor, he revealed to Snake that he was also considered for Volgin’s secret project, but they elected to develop Sokolov’s nuclear launcher instead. Granin’s design was a bipedal armored mech equipped with a nuclear cannon, with several blueprints already designed. Despite being rejected, Granin still believed that his design was superior, and that it would soon prove to be the defining advancement of the nuclear age.

Not long after this, the base was placed on high alert, forcing Snake to make a hasty retreat through the sewers. After surviving a massive drop into a nearby lake and a strange encounter with a spectral figure, Snake awoke to find himself separated from Eva. He continued deftly avoiding the tightened security as he worked his way closer to Volgin’s base, taking down Volgin’s men one by one. After several close encounters, he finally arrived at the base, quickly incapacitating a high-level official and donning his uniform. Complete with a wig that just so happened to bear a striking resemblance to the general, Snake infiltrated the base, where he learned that Sokolov’s machine was nearing completion, with the scientist still hard at work completing the final stages. Snake tried to rescue him again, but was interruped by Volgin himself. Unfortunately for Snake, Volgin and the general shared a very “intimate” relationship, and as such Volgin immediately saw through the disguise. Soon after, Snake was incapacitated and interrogated on the specifics of his mission, which Volgin assumed was to recover the Legacy. During the interrogation, Snake also learned that Eva was working under Volgin, and as the situation began to fall into chaos, Ocelot and Snake grappled for control of one of Ocelot’s revolver, costing Snake an eye when the gun accidentally fired. Volgin left Snake alone in his cell in order to return to overseeing the Shagohod’s construction. While the others were distracted, Eva helped Snake to escape, assuring him that she was still on his side.

The two then set off to destroy the Shagohod, using an experimental explosive known as C3. The explosives were set to simultaneously explode after a time delay, but before Snake could escape he was cornered by Volgin. Snake used his wits to defeat Volgin, despite his electric powers negating the use of conventional weaponry, and made his way out of the base, but to his dismay Ocelot and the Boss were able to locate and deactivate the bombs before their detonation. As the Shagohod was now fully operational, Volgin decided to demonstrate its effectiveness by taking down Snake and Eva, chasing them throughout the facility. The Shagohod begen to take damage, and Volgin was forced to directly pilot it by grabbing a handful of wires in each hand, and using his electricity to turn and fire. He was ultimately defeated, however, when the Shagohod overloaded, charring Volgin and causing all of the bullets on the machine gun clip he wore to discharge. Yes, I’m serious about all this.

With Volgin, his men, and the Shagohod eliminated, all that remained for Snake was to carry out his ultimate mission and take down The Boss. He finally met up with her in a field of flowers, which would serve as their final reunion and their final battle together. With jet fighers en-route to carpet bomb the site of this mission and erase all evidence of what happened, the two had ten minutes to take the other down and escape. Though it was undoubtedly the toughest fight of his life, Snake prevailed and, after a final moment of contemplation, ended The Boss’s life and made his escape with Eva. Before they managed to take off, however, Snake was stopped by Ocelot, who wanted to settle their score with one last duel. Snake was offered to choose between two revolvers. Acting quickly, Snake chose the loaded revolver and shot the other out of Ocelot’s hand. In an uncharacteristic show of respect, Ocelot revealed that his real name was Adam, revealing to Snake that he was in fact the CIA agent Snake was to meet up with. Snake returned with his own name, David, and the two departed with a friendly gesture.

After returning home from his harrowing mission, Snake spent the night with Eva, only to awake and discover that she had disappeared with the portion of the Legacy that Snake had recovered during his mission. She left a tape recording explaining the true nature of her mission for the Chinese government, as well as her insight on Snake, Ocelot, and The Boss. She discussed The Boss’s ultimate mission to unite the world and end the continual cycle that forces like-minded people to act as enemies, simply because their governments and the times decide they must be enemies. This message of unity inspired everyone The Boss worked with, prompting them to form a new organization in the same vein of the Philosophers, called the Patriots, the founding members included Snake, Ocelot, Eva, Major Zero, SIGINT, and Para-Medic. Soon after his mission, Snake was awarded a medal of honor by President Johnson, and was given the new title of Big Boss, succeeding the legacy of The Boss herself.