Explain the details of my lengthy side quest, and of the images me and The Undertaker saw in the scrying ritual.

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It’s actually a bit of a long story, maybe we can sit down somewhere and talk about everything that’s happened since HQ?El Disgusto slaps himself on the forehead. “Oh yes of course, sorry about that. Please, take a seat in my humble new vacation home!

El Disgusto leads you inside the longhouse. While the interior is still opulent, his influence is already visible. Small piles of muck line the corners of each room, and every wall is haphazardly decorated with what appear to be mounted rat pelts of various sizes. Shortly after you enter, a very muscular butler approaches El Disgusto and offers him a fur robe, which he promptly covers himself with. “Can you believe this, man? I caught a few rats and not only do I get this awesome house, but they gave me my own posse to go with it! There’s like six of these guys, they all say they’re ‘sworn to bear my burdens’ or whatever.” Your friend and his butler lead you into a side dining room, where a pair of similarly muscular women pull out chairs for the three of you around the table. “So, what’s this long story of yours?

You take a deep breath and start your story. “Alright, well after I drank that tunnel drink I woke up naked on The Undertaker here’s doorstep. He told me he could help me find you and the others with a scrying ritual, but I had to get the reagents for it from a nearby town called Loincloth. I ended up cutting through a different town named Sumo Town on the way, and that’s where I saw a newspaper article saying you were in Savagegrad. I also met a geomancer named Tokidoki, who told me he’d send me here if I ran an errand for him in Loincloth too. So then he used his powers to send me to Loincloth, where I picked up the supplies for Tokidoki and The Undertaker. Then I made my way back, did the ritual with The Undertaker, and we both met back up with Tokidoki who sent us here.” Satisfied with your summary of the last few days, you look over at El Disgusto only to notice he’s staring off into space. Annoyed, you snap your fingers in front of his face to get his attention. “Huh, oh sorry. Could you repeat that? I was a bit distracted.” You let out a defeated groan, and The Undertaker facepalms himself.

Alright, basically the tunnel drink dumped me naked at The Undertaker’s front door and after like two days of wandering around the countryside wearing a diaper made of rope he helped me scry on our other friends and Bubungo. You get all that?El Disgusto looks satisfied with the summary. “Of course, why didn’t you say so? Sounds like you were way busier than me; that weird drink just dropped me in the town center, I heard they were running a rat-catching contest, and suddenly the people here are kissing my feet and I get this fancy house! I’ve basically just been lounging here for the last two days.” You’re mildly disappointed yet not at all surprised that El Disgusto apparently hasn’t been doing anything to try and reunite with you or your other friends.

The Undertaker slams his fist on the table, grabbing your and El Disgusto’s attention. “Well now that you two have had your reunion, I think it’s high time we start discussing where the rest of your allies are, and what our next move is. You wanna tell Grossly here about your visions?” “Right yeah, I was getting to that. Based on the scrying ritual we did, it looks like Macho Man’s back at Hollow Hold helping out the trainees rebuild, The Ultimate Warrior is off his meds and got caught by The Rock’s tribe, Mankind is still in Wrestlympus leading some freedom fighters, and The Rock is with some monks in some kind of giant graveyard that I didn’t recognize. Also, when I tried to scry on Bubungo I got a creepy vision of Vince staring at me instead.

You look over to El Disgusto assuming he’d be staring off into space again, but instead find him looking at you with a large grin on his face. “Man, as soon as I saw you on my doorstep I knew my little vacation here would be over. Oh well, can’t just up and abandon our amigos now can we?El Disgusto hops up from his chair. “Well, you’re the one with the crazy visions. Where are we going first?

El Disgusto has re-joined your party!

Your little gang is sitting in El Disgusto’svacation house”. What will you do?

> Suggest heading back to Wrestlympus first, Mankind seemed like he could use some backup.

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