Put aside your actual mission and ask to scry on your ex-girlfriend instead.

April 13, 2024 (Last modified Mon May 20 2:02 AM -0400)

you see the sleeping face of your ex-girlfriend Cindy. She appears to be fast asleep, curled up in bed next to that asshole Victor from your college statistics class who she dumped you for. Stupid Victor, what does he have that you don’t have? Sure he has a successful carreer at Microsoft and a fancy-pants BMW, but being an overnight supermarket manager is a perfectly valid job and Toyota Corollas are just as reliable as any luxury brand! Damn Cindy to hell, you were just too good for her and…

…Anyways, the vision fades.

> Struggle to come to terms with the fact that a place called Dragon's Hollow could be so uninteresting, then explain my plan to spy on our mutual enemy and share the names of my friends for the scrying ritual.

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