Make a bee-line for The Undertaker's hut so I can get these errands done and move on with my life.

April 12, 2024 (Last modified Mon May 20 2:02 AM -0400)

Desperate to get out of this insane town full of weirdos and finally reunite with your allies, you sprint through the streets of Sumo Town with the intention of returning to The Undertaker ASAP. By this point the sun has completely set and there is very little foot traffic to get in your way, so you’re able to quickly make it back to the town’s main square and descend through the gap in the mangroves you originally climbed up through. Upon reaching the ground you are elated to discover your rickety rowboat is still moored at the edge of the swamp, right where you left it! Evidently the resident sumo wrestlers aren’t into rowing. Careful to avoid the mysterious death pit, you hop into your boat, grab your oars and shove off to the east.

Navigating the mangrove swamp is difficult in the darkness, but thankfully the path is mostly straight and you’re able to steadily work your way back the way you came via the light of the moon. Eventually the mangroves begin to give way to more open water, and you’re able to more comfortably row along the shore back to the east in the direction you remember The Undertaker’s cabin being. You row and row for most of the night, and eventually find yourself approaching a seemingly familiar clearing.

Bringing the boat to shore you swear the clearing is the same one you started at, but just as when you left The Undertaker’s home is nowhere to be seen. You scan the surroundings, thinking for a moment that you may have arrived at the wrong clearing, when you think you hear a noise from behind you and quickly spin around. While you find nothing behind you, when you turn back you’re startled to find The Undertaker’s cabin has reappeared directly in front of you! Relieved, you open the door and enter the structure.

Upon entering the familiar spartan interior you find none other than The Undertaker himself, sitting in the corner gazing into his crystal ball. After a moment he glances up at you, seemingly unperturbed by your entrance.

Ahh, you return, and in record time! Have you brought the reagents I requested?” Without a word you reach into your pack and produce the pouch of reagents you received from the shaman in Loincloth. “Very good! It seems I may have underestimated you.

The Undertaker grabs the pouch out of your hands, and you see him raise an eyebrow upon noticing the parchment scroll bound to it. He gently removes the scroll and glances over it, then chuckles to himself. “Ha, underestimated indeed. Very well, this should be more than enough reagents to complete the scrying ritual! All you must do is tell me who you plan to scry on, and we can begin.

You think for a moment, originally you planned to scry on your five missing allies, but now that you have a lead on El Disgusto there may not be a need to look in on him. You consider possibly checking in on Vince, or even spying on one of your enemies to gain a tactical advantage.

You are in The Undertaker’s cabin, preparing for the scrying ritual. Will you go along with your original plan and scry on Macho Man, The Rock, El Disgusto, The Ultimate Warrior and Mankind? Will you instead check on Vince to make sure he’s still alright? Perhaps spy on Cena or Bubungo? Maybe see what your ex-girlfriend is up to? The choice is yours!

> Suggest scrying on Bubungo, since The Undertaker seems to have had a history with him already; then ask him if he can tell me anything about Dragon's Hollow.

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