Ask about the reagents, and if she's heard anything about my friends' activity or whereabouts.

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Nice to meet you Ethyl, some kind of wrestler wizard named The Undertaker actually sent me this way to look for scrying reagents. I was told your shop here was the best place to look.” The old shaman’s eyes perk up at your mention of The Undertaker. “Oh lovely, you must be The Undertaker’s newest apprentice! He’s always been one of my top customers you know. It’s been ages since he’s taken on a new apprentice, not since that incident with the president and that monkeyEthyl pauses to take a sip of her tea. You’re interested in this incident she’s referring to, but she continues to talk before you can say anything. “Anyways, of course I can provide you with the reagents for his scrying spell, how much were you looking for?

Once again, you’re left feeling irritated by how little information your allies have given you. “Actually, he never specified how much he needed. If it helps we were planning to scry on five different people, and I’ve got about 2500 Gold with me…Ethyl chuckles before responding. “Oh that certainly sounds like The Undertaker alright, but I think I can work with what you’ve told me. And don’t worry about the cost dearie, I can spare a sampling of reagents for my favorite customer.” Before you can say anything else, Ethyl disappears back through the doorway.

You’re left on your own for several minutes, occasionally hearing the sounds of movement and Ethyl humming from further in the house. Finally, after probably about 10 minutes of waiting, the shaman returns carrying a large leather sack. The sack is bound with twine, and a rolled-up parchment scroll is tied up with it. “Here you are dearie, one pouch of scrying reagents just the way The Undertaker likes them.” She reached across the counter to hand you the pouch, which you tuck away into your increasingly heavy and unwieldy pack. You’re really starting to miss your bag of holding. “Now then, is there anything else I can help you with?

Yes actually, I recently got separated from a few of my friends. Out of curiosity have you heard any news recently about some wrestlers named Macho Man, The Rock, El Disgusto, The Ultimate Warrior or Mankind?Ethyl looks surprised by the question. “Oh my, well you must be some kind of wrestling prodigy if you can call all those big names your friends! Unfortunately, I can’t say I’ve heard much news about any of them recently, though. I did see an article in today’s paper about a luchador named El Disgusto finally ending Savagegrad’s rat problem, but that’s about it. Do you need anything else?

Is there anything else you’d like to ask the shaman?

> Ask about the incident she mentioned, and if there's anything else I should check out while I'm in town, then quickly make my way back to the mine.

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