Grab some light supplies and a healthy dosage of protein supplements, then head over to the apothecary.

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You wander the market for a few minutes and grab some supplies for the road. You pick out a small bushel of apples, a small sack of dry beans, two cans of creamed corn, and two tubs of “Ab-Blaster Pro Strength Deluxe Whey Protein”, one in vanilla and the other chocolate. You take your groceries up to the cashier, who rings you up; “All together that comes to 25 gold.” You hand the cashier the money, pack up your supplies and head outside.

With your hunger sorted and travel supplies squared away, you decide you should probably get to that apothecary before it gets too late. Following Tony’s directions you take the eastern road out of the square for a couple minutes until you see a townhouse with red paint haphazardly smeared around the exterior, then take a left down the closest street.

Sure enough, you spot a stone slab sitting in the lawn of the third house down with a symbol resembling a pestle and mortar carved into it just as you were told. Other than the stone marker, the building itself looks largely identical to the rest of the townhouses you’ve seen around Loincloth, though you do spot a wooden sign hanging from the front door reading “Come In, We’re Open!” Not one to ignore an invitation you walk up to the door, knock once, and enter.

Another cowbell attached to the door rings as you enter into what appears to be a living room repurposed into a storefront. Wooden shelves line the walls, each lined with colorful crystals, jars and earthenware vessels filled with all manner of dried leaves, roots and seeds that seem to be flooding the space with a strong herbal scent. A simple wood counter sits at the far side of the room, blocking an arched doorway you presume leads to the rest of the house. After a moment you hear the voice of an old woman call out from one of the back rooms. “Sorry! Just a moment!” You hear the sound of wood creaking and papers rustling, “Be right with you!

After a couple minutes the sounds of movement stop, and an older woman emerges from the doorway behind the counter. She’s wearing a heavy, green-dyed leather shawl and carrying a steaming teacup. “Sorry about that dearie, you caught me just as I was making my morning tea. I’m Ethyl, the Shaman of the Loincloth Tribe. How can I help you?

You’re standing in the Loincloth Apothecary, wearing a rope diaper and carrying a bag containing emergency supplies, a bushel of apples, a sack of beans, two cans of creamed corn, two jars of whey, and 2470 Gold. The bag is becoming increasingly difficult to carry.

What will you ask of Ethyl the Shaman?

> Ask about the reagents, and if she's heard anything about my friends' activity or whereabouts.

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