Reconsider my life choices as I make my way towards The People's Harvest.

March 28, 2024 (Last modified Fri Mar 29 00:31 -0400)

Certain that you never want to see another ice cream cone for the rest of your life, you exit the ice cream parlor. While your questionable decisions at Stone-Cold Creamery did at least curb your hunger for the time being, you decide you should stock up on some provisions before you leave town and head for the greengrocer.

As you cross the plaza you briefly glance down at your wrist to determine how much time you have left before you need to return to the mine, but quickly remember that you no longer have a watch. While you don’t the time for certain, based on the height of the sun in the sky and a guess at how long you spent at each store, you assume about an hour has passed since you left the mine office. “I probably shouldn’t spend too much time here, don’t want to leave Jerry waiting.” you think to yourself before entering the shop.

Compared to everything else you’ve seen in Wrestlemania, The People’s Harvest is probably the most normal looking business you’ve encountered so far. There are a few aisles stocked with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, and you see a handful of tribesmen walking around the shop with bags of produce. The produce itself also seems fairly standard, though you do spot some fruits and vegetables with unfamiliar names in the mix. There is also, unsurprisingly, an entire aisle dedicated to various flavors and brands of whey and other protein supplements.

Will you shop for some groceries, or change your mind and head for the apothecary now?

> Grab some light supplies and a healthy dosage of protein supplements, then head over to the apothecary.

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