Try to pawn off the watch, then study the menu at the Stone-Cold Creamery in exhastive detail.

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Realizing the only thing you’ve eaten in several days now has been a handful of chocolate coins, the ice cream shop is looking very tempting, but you realize you need money above all else right now and head for the pawn shop.

Once you open the door to the pawn shop, a cowbell attached to the door rings and alerts a woman behind the counter of your presence. “Oh, hello!” she begins, “We don’t see too many customers this time of day. Welcome to Loincloth Pawn, how may I help you?” You look around the shop quickly and, sure enough, you’re the only customer in the shop. The shop itself, aside from its obviously primitive construction, is not unlike other pawn shops you’ve visited in the past, albeit with considerably more stone-age tools and wrestling memorabilia.

Hi yeah, I’m not really looking to buy anything right now. I was just hoping I could get an estimate for my watch here,” you say as you walk to the counter and begin taking off your watch. “I’m a bit strapped for cash right now and could use the extra gold.

Oh sure, let me take a look!” the shopkeeper replies as she takes the watch and begins looking it over. “Oh my, an authentic Swolex Milgauss! You don’t see these around much anymore. Do you have the case or papers for this watch?

Afraid not, kinda lost most of my belongings not long ago.” You respond. The shopkeep looks at you quizzically. “Oh well that’s a shame, you won’t get quite as much without it, but given the watch’s condition I think I could offer you… let’s say 2500 gold for it.

It suddenly occurs to you that you’ve never used money since you arrived in Wrestlemania, and have no clue if you’re being ripped off or not. You briefly try to calculate an exchange rate based on nothing but the pawn shop’s offer price and your 20 gold room at the inn, before deciding you don’t have much of a choice. “Alright,” you reply “You’ve got a deal.” “Great!” the shopkeeper replies a bit too eagerly, “I’ll be right back with your gold.” She quickly runs into a back room with your watch, then returns a minute later with a small satchel. You can hear the sound of coins rattling inside. “Here you are, 2500 gold! Can I help you with anything else?” “No thank you,” you respond. You take the bag of coins, tuck them carefully into your bag, and head outside.

With your money situation hopefully sorted for the time being, you decide now is a good time to get something to eat. While you briefly think of getting a proper meal at the diner, your sweet tooth is too strong and you instead walk towards the Stone-Cold Creamery for an ice cream. Conveniently, the shop has a signboard out front listing the flavors they offer:

All Stone-Cold Creamery Ice Cream is made with 100% real Wrestlemanian cream, protein powder and whey. Try one of our 10 delicious flavors!

  • Steve Austin’s Stone-Cold Strawberry
  • Dwayne “The Rocky Road” Johnson
  • Macho Man’s Savage Slim Jim Crunch
  • Rowdy Rod’s Raspberry Sorbet
  • McMahon Mint Chalk Chip
  • Hogan’s Horchata Surprise
  • Mankind Habanero Heatwave
  • Sting’s Scorpion Scoop
  • Jack’s Cactus Fruit Sorbet
  • Cherry Garcia

Well… those sure are choices…” you think to yourself.

Will you buy an ice cream, or move on to a different store?

> Ignore my better senses and order the Macho Man's Savage Slim Jim Crunch.

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