Explore the town some more, making my way to the pawn shop.

March 27, 2024 (Last modified Fri Mar 29 00:31 -0400)

You decide to take a look around the town center before heading to the pawn shop. Much like the rest of the town, the various commercial buildings surrounding the square seem to be primitive constructions roughly mimicking the look of modern architecture. The businesses themselves, however, appear to be relatively standard for what you would expect in a suburban town… albeit with considerably more wrestling and tribal themes than you’re typically used to.

As you pace around the square you take note of six businesses. Directly across from Tony’s news stand is a business whose sign simply reads “PAWN”, which you assume is the pawn shop he was directing you to. You also notice the familiar muscular mermaid logo of Buff Starbucks, another Blockblaster Home Video, a greengrocer named “The People’s Harvest”, an ice cream shop named “Stone-Cold Creamery”, and a diner named “The Hunter’s Feast Cafe”. Along with the news stand you also spot a market stall selling fresh fruits, and another selling what look like animal hides.

Will you continue to the pawn shop, or explore one of the other businesses first?

> Try to pawn off the watch, then study the menu at the Stone-Cold Creamery in exhastive detail.

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