Explore the town looking for any indication of where I can find reagents, and maybe a pawn shop to sell the Swolex watch for some spending money.

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As you continue along the road into town, you figure now would be a good time to start looking for those scrying reagents. Unfortunately, it occurs to you that neither The Undertaker or Tokidoki gave you any indication of where in Loincloth you could find these reagents. You hope someone in town will be able to point you in the right direction.

While continuing down the road you start taking a closer look at the townhouses and other buildings as you walk by, making sure to keep an eye out for any shops or other businesses that might help you find what you’re looking for. As you examine the buildings, something about their architecture catches your eye; while at a glance the homes and businesses in Loincloth appear to be modern buildings, upon closer inspection they all appear to have been crudely built out of rough stone and untreated wood. In fact, it looks as if every building in this town was constructed by hand using primitive stone tools. In retrospect you aren’t sure what else you expected after seeing the tribal outfits worn by the town’s residents, but you’re left baffled by this observation all the same. “Why can’t one thing in this country just be normal?” you think to yourself as you continue further into town.

After about 20 minutes of walking the dirt road you’ve been following starts to branch off into smaller side streets, and the rows of strange tribal townhouses give way for more larger, mixed use buildings and businesses. Eventually the road opens up into what appears to be a central plaza or town square, with a number of businesses and shop stalls surrounding a large central well. You begin to see more of the local townsfolk walking the streets, talking with one another and going about their day. The locals occasionally glance in your direction before continuing to go about their business. As you wander into the crowded plaza, an unfamiliar voice from behind you catches your ear.

Hey, hey kid,” you spin around to see a large, bearded man wearing little more than a leather speedo and what could only be described as the tribal equivalent of a newsboy cap, standing next to a newspaper stall. You’re taken slightly aback by the stranger calling out to you, but he continues.

You lost kid? This ain’t a big town but I never seen your face around here before.

Oh, uh, yeah sorry.” You respond, “This is my first time in town, The Undertaker asked me to come out this way for some reagents but…” “Ohh, that old fool? Shoulda expected ol’ T.U. got himself a new lackey. Lemme guess, he told you this village was full of nudists too? Last kid he sent this way showed up buck-ass naked and got the snot kicked out of him.” You’re suddenly very thankful for your rope diaper. “Yeah, that’s pretty much the gist of it.” you respond.

Well if you’re looking for reagents your best bet’ll be the apothecary down the block. Just follow the east road ‘til you see the red house then take a left, it’ll be the third house down. Big stone sign in front with a picture of a pestle and mortar carved onto it, can’t miss it.” The newsman points towards the eastern road leading out of the square. “Just hope you got deep pockets, cuz those kinda reagents ain’t cheap.” You pat down your hemp undergarments again before once again realizing you have no money on you. “Uh, The Undertaker never mentioned needing gold for this…” you respond sheepishly.

The newsman sighs, “Look, I gotta get back to my stall, but if you’re that pressed for cash there’s a pawn shop across the plaza. Bet you could get a nice stack of gold for that watch of yours.” “Thanks,” you reply, “I’ll have to think about it.” “No problem kid.” he responds, “The name’s Tony if you ever need anything else. Just don’t expect it for free next time.” You thank Tony once again for his help as he turns back to his stall to address a growing line of customers.

You are standing in Loincloth’s town center, next to Tony’s newspaper stall. You have nothing aside from your rope diaper, Swolex watch and a bag of emergency supplies. According to Tony, you can find The Undertaker’s reagents at an apothecary a block to the east, and there is a pawn shop on the opposite side of the plaza. There’s still an hour and a half before Tokidoki’s geode will be ready.

Will you head down the eastern road to the apothecary, take a walk across the plaza to the pawn shop, or continue to explore the town?

> Explore the town some more, making my way to the pawn shop.

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