Wander around town and check out the sights.

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Feeling dejected, you figure now might be a good time to take a look around the village. You give a sheepish “thank you” to the receptionist and exit out the lobby the way you came, being careful not to let the door hit you on the way out.

Outside the mine office you’re immediately hit by a warm ocean breeze and the pleasant smell of the sea. For a very brief moment you’re overwhelmed with what has lately become an unfamiliar feeling; calmness. While the thought of your missing friends, John and Bubungo’s plot to take over Wrestlemania and Vince’s capture quickly return, it does occur to you that this is the first time since you found yourself in this messed up land where you don’t feel urgently pressed for time. Feeling slightly relaxed, you take a deep breath of the salty air and take in your surroundings.

You’re currently standing directly in front of the main office of the Loincloth mine. You can see a chain link fence extending off from both sides of the building and wrapping around behind it, blocking off the main mine pit. To your left is a grassy hill with a wooden fence along the top of it which you jumped over to get here, and you can see the beach you initially arrived on in the distance. Directly ahead and leading to the right is a wide dirt road, leading past the rows of townhouses and presumably deeper into Loincloth proper.

You look down at your Swolex watch and see that it’s currently only just after 10am. You assume this Johnny person will probably be back around noon. You also remember the reagents The Undertaker sent you to find were also supposed to be in Loincloth as well. You start to follow the road into town, thinking about where you should head first.

You’re in front of Loincloth Mine. The road into Loincloth is ahead of you, and the beach you arrived at is to your left beyond a fence. You currently have nothing aside from your watch, an awkward rope diaper and a simple bag of emergency supplies. What will you do?

> Explore the town looking for any indication of where I can find reagents, and maybe a pawn shop to sell the Swolex watch for some spending money.

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