Go up and check out the fence.

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You go up and inspect the fence you saw moments ago. It’s made of wood and notably grayed after years of weathering. Just beyond the fence is a path. You hop the fence and start walking.

It’s not long before you reach a nice seaside town. You see a number of English townhouses, which are remarkably similar to those near your former home - the one you shared with your former roommate turned enemy, John Cena - and a well-worn wooden signpost. “Loincloth,” it says, as you’d expected. “Time to see the nudist town,” you sigh.

You walk a bit further coming to the town’s gate, and enter. The town is, as far as you can tell, not full of nudists, but rather tribesmen; everyone’s wearing fur garments and loincloths. “Alright,” you think, “at least I came a little prepared.” Both relieved and disappointed that the town is not, in fact, full of nudists, you continue on, looking for a mine.

Eventually, you see several large pieces of machinery over a fence. “Perhaps this is the mine,” you think, before coming across the mine’s office. A proper seer, you are. You congratulate yourself with a job well done and enter the office wearing your rope diaper.

You spot what appears to be the front desk, staffed by a woman wearing exactly what you’d expect for the town you’re in, and walk towards it. “Hello, I’m here to pick up a geode,” you say. “Oh, Johnny said someone would be here for that,” she says. “Though, he did say he’d be a bit larger than yourself. Who did you say you were again?

I’m Gregory,” you say, “Tokidoki asked me to come by and get a geode for him.” She flashes a knowing smile. “Ah, gotcha,” she says, and pops below the counter, presumably for your geode. She mutters something before popping back up. “Sorry, looks like Johnny forgot to drop it off here. Feel free to take a seat in the lobby or come back in an hour or two, I’m sure he’ll be here soon.

What will you do?

> Hit on the receptionist.

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