Agree to the terms and ask where I can find this mine owner, and why there is a mine owner in a treetop village.

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Why is there a mine owner in a treetop village?Tokidoki looks at you quizzically. “No no, Loincloth is a fishing town, you will see.” “Ah, alright. I’ll run the errand for you. Where can I find the mine owner?” “Look for the mine! You will see, you will see. There is a sandless pit. You are ready to go?” “Yes, I’m ready.” And with a wave of his hands, the ground opens up below you. You fall for what feels like hours - but in reality, must be no more than several minutes - before you see a bright light below you. You begin to slow down as you approach the light, and the moment your fall ceases, you realize you’re lying on hot sand. No painful thump this time. You immediately prefer this method of travel to tunnel drink.

You sit up and observe your surroundings. You’re on a beach. There’s a short grassy hill opposite the ocean, which extends down the beach until the beach turns a corner. No one is around you. There appears to be a fence on the hill. Perhaps there’s a path nearby.

Do you ascend the hill, or walk the beach?

> Go up and check out the fence.

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