Tell Tokidoki that I was sent this direction by the Undertaker to search for scrying reagents in the town of Loincloth, but wound up here instead.

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I was sent this way by The Undertaker to find scrying reagents in Loincloth, but I wound up here. I’ve been trying to get directions, and eventually-” “You were directed to me,Tokidoki interjects. “As many have been before you, and many after. A cartographer is no signpost; I tell them this, they never learn. Alas. Yes, I can help you, at cost.” You go to pretend to check your pockets for money. Luckily, Tokidoki stops you before you realize you’re wearing a weird rope diaper with no pockets. “No no no, this is unnecessary,” he says while waving his hands. “When you are in Loincloth, you may run an errand for me, if you wish.” You raise an eyebrow.

What sort of errand?Tokidoki points to the geode he was inspecting prior to your entry. “*There is a mine owner whose dealings I am intertwined with. You must retrieve from him a mineral similar to this. I will provide you transportation. Do you agree?”

Hmm. Tokidoki is a perplexing man, but this could be a good deal if it gets you to Loincloth. But how exactly will he get you there?

What sort of transportation?Tokidoki lets out a hearty laugh. “I am a geomancer, of course! I can move the earth where it is needed, should I have imagery of the location, and visage of the transported.

This gives you an idea, perhaps one of the best ideas of your life. You’re holding a newspaper with El Disgusto’s face on it! You can get him here without the reagents with Tokidoki’s help! You show the newspaper to Tokidoki. “If I bring you what you’re looking for, can you bring me to this guy?” “Indeed.” He nods his head. “But you first must bring the mineral! I see your interest, but I ask again, do you agree with my terms?

Do you agree with his terms?

> Politely inquire about what’s so special about the mineral.

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