Check with the locals to confirm where Tokidoki is, and head in his direction.

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You spot a sumo sitting on a bench reading a newspaper. This person is clearly smarter than the rat enthusiast you just talked to. You walk over and inquire about Tokidoki.

Hey, excuse me, I hear there’s a geomancer around here named Tokidoki, do you know where I can find him?” The stranger points down the street without looking up from his paper.. “Down there, take the second right. Little ways down the road. Can’t miss it.” You thank the man and walk off.

After a few minutes of walking, you find the second street on your right, and immediately notice how drab this area is… Is the fabled geomancer really here? You notice that there are thick cobwebs on some of the unlit neon signage. Is that even possible in the open air?

You find a string of webs hanging down from what looks like a closed noodle shop. The web is clearly fake, having been woven from string. This is very strange. Perhaps this drabness is by design…

You find a lit neon sign - the only lit sign in sight - with the characters “地図” written on it. This must be the place. The door is made from some sort of faux-bamboo material. You open the door.

You are greeted by a shop much more upscale than the bar you left earlier. The interior is furnished with various rocks on pedestals and trinkets in cases. Intricate woven tapestries of far-off lands adorn the walls. There are several plants interspersed throughout the room, including several bonsais. Across from you is a counter, and behind the counter is a rotund man with his hair in a topknot, who appears to be inspecting a large geode. Perhaps this is the geomancer you seek.

You walk up to the counter. “Hi, I’m looking for a geomancer by the name of Tokidoki; am I in the right place?” The man, mildly startled by your presence, looks up. “Ah, yes, you are in the right place, I am he. May I help you?

What will you ask Tokidoki?

> Tell Tokidoki that I was sent this direction by the Undertaker to search for scrying reagents in the town of Loincloth, but wound up here instead.

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