Grab one of the newspapers while wandering the street in the general direction the bart ender sent me.

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You grab a discarded newspaper off the ground. The paper is in at least five different scripts that you can’t read, and one that you’re fairly sure isn’t even a real language. The front page features none other than El Disgusto holding up what looks like a large rodent. You really, really wish you had context for this.

The first three pages appear to be actual news, whereas the next twenty are just comics and ads for things. Some appear to be well-drawn with almost ornate art, and others are crude and almost look scribbled on.

You go up to one of the sumos shouting news and ask him about the paper. “Hey, I’m not from around here, can you read this?” The man shakes his head. “No, absolutely not. You think I can read?” “Well, do you at least know what’s going on with this guy on the front page?” The man smiles.

The man explains to you, in depth, the events of the previous day. Evidently, El Disgusto won something called the “rodent bowl” in the faraway town of Savagegrad. The rodent bowl, held yearly to cut down Savagegrad’s rat population, was rendered obsolete by El Disgusto, who managed to capture every single rat in the town.

It’s really incredible. How do you even do that? What do rats like? Trash?” “Oh, definitely,” you say before thanking the man and walking off. Interesting. Well, now you know where El Disgusto is surviving, and thriving, after drinking the tunnel drink. Maybe Tokidoki can tell you where that is.

Is there anything else you’d like to do, or would you like to continue searching for the geomancer?

> Check with the locals to confirm where Tokidoki is, and head in his direction.

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