Go downstairs and ask the bartender who the geomancer is and where I can find him.

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You walk out of your room, head downstairs, and find the bartender cleaning glasses behind the bar. “Hey, end any good barts lately?” He looks up at you, baffled. “What in the hell are you talking about?” “You know, because you’re a bartender. It looks like bart ender when you spell it out.*” He grunts, unamused, and returns to cleaning glasses.

Hey, come on, it’s funny!” “If you say so,” groans the bart ender. “Whatever. Who was that geomancer Mike was talking about last night?” The bartender puts his glass and cleaning rag down on the bar. “Ah, yeah, that’s Tokidoki, he likes to make maps. He can help you find that place you were looking for… Loincloth, right? He probably knows where it is. He knows where everything is.” Great! Now you can go get those reagents for The Undertaker. “Where can I find him?” The bartender walks to the door. You instinctively follow.

The bartender looks to his left and points down the noticeably populated street, directly towards the buildings you saw last night. “Just keep walking that way and look for the sign that says maps. Hold on, you probably can’t read half the stuff around here, let me draw it for you.” The bartender grabs a discarded receipt, pulls out his pen, and draws two symbols on the back:


There, just find the sign with this on it. Probably got some other stuff before or after it, because, you know, it’s a sign, but this’ll help.” “Thanks, I appreciate the help.” “No problem,” says the bartender, before sauntering back to his glass and rag.

You exit the bar. You start walking down the street, passing by crowds of sumos. It’s hard to believe this city was so empty the night before; now, there’s something happening in every direction. Market stalls are everywhere on the wide road, people are running in and out of shops, and there are people handing out newspapers yelling over the crowds.

You’ve made it a ways down the street without finding the geomancer’s place. Do you want to continue looking, ask for directions, or go somewhere else first?

> Grab one of the newspapers while wandering the street in the general direction the bart ender sent me.

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