Follow some of the winding paths to the top of the hill so I can see what's around and get a good view of the town.

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You walk up the staircase a ways, spot a branching path that looks like it goes up the hill, and start to walk down it. After passing by what you assume to be homes - small huts with Chinese characters and cartoons painted on their facades - you reach the top of the hill.

Instead of gazing on a picturesque vista, you see more buildings all across the brambles around you. Very few of the lights are on, aside from some larger buildings, which you take to be businesses. The fully wooden streets are illuminated by various lanterns scattered about.

You decide that it’s getting a bit late and that it’s time to head back to your room. You walk down the path, noting on the way down that the same lanterns are placed outside some of the homes. Fittingly, they’re East Asian lanterns made from papier-mâché. Many appear to be made from paper scraps.

You reach the bar, enter, lock the front door, and walk to your room. When you swing open the door, you see there are few furnishings. You see a bed, a wardrobe, a nightstand, and a lamp placed on the nightstand. There is a single window in your small room.

Will you go to bed, or search the room?

> Check the wardrobe, nightstand and under the bed for anything useful before going to sleep.

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