Wander the streets for a few minutes before bed to familiarize myself with the town.

September 24, 2020 (Last modified Sun Mar 3 01:01 -0500)

You decide to wander the streets. A few more hours of vagrancy can’t hurt! You exit the bar.

You’re met with a brightly moonlit street. You scan your surroundings, noting that every building’s architecture and signage is a different bastardization of East Asian culture. If one were to peer into the mind of a clueless tourist, this would be their idea of “the mysterious orient.” The surrounding brambles are dotted with reproductions of cherry blossom trees, some of which are quite convincing, and others crude - of particular note is a bizarre pink conifer standing crooked in the distance, which appears to be braced by the underlying brambles.

What an odd place this is. To your right, in the direction you came from, is nothing but the path to your boat. Looks like this bar is the first place to greet visitors. Ahead of you is a large “hill” made of brambles, on top of which there are wooden plank paths. You see more buildings along the paths.

To your left is a bit more interesting. You see more buildings far down the path, as well as a stairway leading up the hill. Several snaking paths branch from the stairway, leading both to your right and left.

Where would you like to go?

> Follow some of the winding paths to the top of the hill so I can see what's around and get a good view of the town.

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