Offer to share the coins with the barkeep.

August 27, 2020 (Last modified Sun Mar 3 01:01 -0500)

Hey, do you want these? They’re chocolate,” you say as you hold the coins out to the barkeep. He shrugs, shakes his head in confusion, and tells you that you can keep them. You eat the coins, realizing you haven’t eaten since before your encounter with Bubungo. You feel a little more energized, but still weary.

The bar is now devoid of life, save for you and the barkeep. Mike and Jimmy left long ago, but not before saying goodbye. Everyone’s gone, and you’ve cleaned up nicely. “Alright, you’ve done enough for sure,” says the barkeep. “Go get some sleep, you look like you need it. Your room’s upstairs on the right. Door’s unlocked. I’m gonna get some shuteye.” The barkeep lets out a yawn before heading upstairs and walking into the unlit hallway.

Do you go to sleep, or search the bar for clues? Perhaps you want to steal from the register? Maybe explore the dead town? The choice is yours!

> Wander the streets for a few minutes before bed to familiarize myself with the town.

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