Start cleaning the bar and tables while chatting with the bar patrons to learn more about the town.

July 21, 2020 (Last modified Sun Mar 3 01:01 -0500)

You begin cleaning the bar, walking around and chatting to bar-goers. Most of your conversations go something like “How’s it hangin’ fellas?” to which the patrons reply, “DRINKING!!!!” This is good, yep. Having a fun time.

While cleaning, you find a folded note on a barstool. Being the nosy idiot you are, you open the note immediately. Expecting some sort of coded message directed at you, you’re utterly blindsided by the actual contents of the note:

"4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 are my favite number"

Okay. Cool. For a brief moment, you think this could be useful, given your history in this strange land; but decide to throw it away. Seems like trash written by a drunkard.

One hour to go. The patrons begin to clear out, and you notice more trash littered around the bar. While cleaning a pile, you find a tip someone left you. Great! You now have five… Gold coins?

Upon further inspection, these are chocolate coins. Ah well. Do you want to eat the coins now, or save them for later?

> Offer to share the coins with the barkeep.

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