Ask the barkeep and other people around the bar if they've seen any of your missing party members, and inquire about a place to stay for the night.

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Thanks for the info, Mike, I appreciate it.” You wave the barkeep over. “Hey, have you seen any visitors around here dressed kind of differently?” “Like non-sumos?” “Yeah, non-sumos.” “Can’t say I have, no,” he says, while drying a glass mug with a rag. “Not a lot of visitors in these parts who don’t want to be sumos.

In that case, you know where I can find an inn?” “Right here! We’ve got rooms upstairs. Cheap, too, only 20 gold a night,” says the barkeep. You reach to check your pockets, and realize once again that you’re wearing rope underwear. No pockets there! The barkeep notices your lack of cash. “If you’re broke, I can give you a room if you’ll help cleaning the bar. Tonight’s real busy and I don’t want to deal with all of it.

Do you accept the offer?

> Agree to help out at the bar in exchange for a room.

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