Go in and attempt to strike a conversation with the posing guys in the hopes that they can tell me what's going on.

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You enter the weird fedora bar. Your bizarre rope diaper coincidentally looks quite similar to the garments worn by the sumos, allowing you to blend in effortlessly. However, compared to the sumo wrestlers, your thin stature makes you look emaciated. You walk up to the posing men and strike up a conversation.

Hey, what show is this?” One of the men stops to turn in your direction. The other remains posing. “Oh hey man, this one is called Zenzen Nihongo Ga Hanase Nai, they always do these super funny poses that don’t make any sense. Just look at Jimmy over there!” He points to the other man, who evidently is named Jimmy. Jimmy is doing some sort of indescribable pose, and whispering things like “… hold on, I can’t get this, how does he stand at a 60-degree angle? …” The first man turns towards you again. “Hilarious, right? Hey, what’s your name dude?

What a friendly group of guys! “I’m Gregory,” you reply. “Nice to meet you man. I’m Mike. Don’t think I’ve seen you around town before, are you new here?” “Yeah, I just got to town a few minutes ago. I’m actually pretty lost, I don’t suppose you can tell me where I am?Mike laughs. Jimmy is still doing weird poses a few feet away. “Yeah! You’re in Torii Town, but most visitors just call it Sumo Village. This is a bar, obviously. You want a drink?Mike gestures to the barstools over at the counter. “Yeah, sure, thank you.

You both sit down at the bar. “Two Onis,” Mike shouts to the barkeep. He returns quickly with two small cups filled with an opaque green liquid. Mike puts his back quickly. You take a single sip and have to hold back tears: it tastes like a salty energy drink. You continue to sip the drink and begin to feel a bit energized. You look back over at Jimmy, who is continuing to play twister solo by trying and failing to make these bizarre poses.

Mike turns to you. “So what brings you to these parts?

What will you tell Mike?

> Tell Mike that the Undertaker sent you this way to look for alchemical reagents in a town named Loincloth, but that he didn't mention anything about sumo wrestlers on the way.

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