Go straight in, making it a point to go through the deepest sections, even if it means having to wade or swim through.

January 20, 2016 (Last modified Sun Mar 3 01:01 -0500)

You enter the bog. You, for some inexplicable reason, decide to wade through the disgusting, bubbling swamp water to get to your destination.

Eventually you arrive at a pond with a capsized boat. You go to step into the water before you hear a ghostly voice.

Hello, Gregory.

You spin around on your heel, full of adrenaline and ready to fight, but what you see shocks you.

I know you’re unjustifiably in a position you’d rather not be in…

The ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage has appeared in front of you!

…but the cream will rise to the top,” finished the ghostly wrestler as he pulls a non-ghostly packet of cream from seemingly nowhere. “That’s right, Gregory, you’re the cream of the crop,” said Macho Man as he places another cream packet into your shirt pocket, “That’s why you’re here. No man is better than Macho Man Randy Savage, but I got creamed in my last fight.Macho Man balances yet another packet of cream on his head. Where does he keep getting these?

You have so many questions. What will you ask the ghostly sage first?

> Drink all the cream cups I can reach, then ask him where this forest is.

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