Just ignore the hole and climb up the ladder.

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You proceed up the ladder. You’re not sure what to expect on the other side. Maybe it’s a lookout post? You find it hard to believe that there’d be a nudist colony sitting somewhere above the brambles…

You finish your ascent. Turns out you’re half right, there isn’t a nudist colony in the trees. Instead, you find… some sort of vaguely Asian-themed village? Looks like someone built a bunch of buildings up here. The moonlight is illuminating buildings with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean writing on them. You also notice a sign with the word “Sumo Town” on it. Weirdly, this is the only thing in sight written in Latin characters. There are a lot of wooden platforms and walkways in this village, all of which are marked with signs in random Asian languages. You aren’t even sure if some of these writing systems are real…

There are plenty of lights on in the buildings, but no one’s outside. You hear a commotion down the path, and decide to take a look. You come across what looks like a bar. There are pictures of a bottle of booze and a fedora on the sign, which looks to be in Japanese.

> Peek into the bar and see what's causing the commotion.

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