Take the path through the brambly mangroves, hoping the Undertaker was right about the town being to the west.

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You decide to take the path through the mangroves. Before you leave, you decide to rest for a few minutes, and scour the beach for any materials you might find useful on your journey. You notice an old rope tied around a tree. Despite it being fairly old, you decide that it’s better than nothing, and take it with you. After looking for a few more minutes, you decide the beach has no more trash you can reuse, and you push off into the dark brambles.

You continue on for what feels like hours. There are no turns and no changes of size in the path. The farther you go into the brambles, the darker it gets, and the less birds you hear. You’re not sure if that’s because it’s getting dark out, or you’re progressing into a place that you really shouldn’t be.

Eventually, the path opens up. You find yourself in a circular area carved out of the brambles. There is a small grassy island in the center of the room. A shaft of moonlight illuminates the island, and a ladder heading up to what you presume is above the brambles. There is also a one-foot-wide hole directly next to the ladder with a skull and crossbones sign next to it. Having no other options, you tie the boat to the ladder with your old rope, but the rope snaps in half. Now you have a shorter rope to bring with you! How nice!

Will you venture up the ladder, or try to squeeze yourself into the death pit?

> Throw a rock into the hole and see if anything happens, and peak my head in to see if I can see anything if nothing does.

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