Raid the pack of supplies, then take the dinghy west through the mangroves.

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You walk over to the dinghy and immediately grab the pack of supplies. Inside you find a sealed first-aid kit, a sleeping bag, a rope, a canteen, and a multitool. None of this looks particularly old - The Undertaker probably left this for you. The dinghy, on the other hand, looks ancient. Its paint is chipped and sun-bleached, and the wood on the interior looks like it could fall apart at any time. The oars are equally rotted. You’re guessing The Undertaker left these for you on purpose, too.

You hop in the dinghy and use one of the oars to push off the shore. You’re on your way through the mangroves! You begin reminiscing about your spring break trip to Florida, where you got to take a similar ride through the mangroves. You got to ride on an airboat through a swamp, too. What a fun time! A horrid place to live, though. Lots of meth and alligators. Probably methed-up gators, too. What a frighteningly powerful beast, a meth gator. Are there alligators in Wrestlemania? Come to think of it, is there meth in Wrestlemania? Do wrestlers do drugs? Is there some sort of Wrestling-themed Breaking Ba

After quite a long time, you’re thrown out of your deep thought and notice that there’s a shore ahead. Two figures on the beach are staring at you. Perhaps they’re the nudists you’re looking for? You can’t tell what they look like from far away. You give a hearty wave to greet them! They don’t wave back. You hear some words echo across the water:

Hey, is that guy naked?” “What the fuck, that guy’s naked!

The figures run off. Looks like they were just wearing light clothes. This may not bode well for you.

You can continue to shore and finish this mission in the nude, or you can make some sort of makeshift clothes out of what little you have on board. What will you do?

> Tie the rope around my waist to cover myself and continue west.

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