Ask if I can at least borrow his jacket or something, and see if he has any info on the town before I go.

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What town is it? And can I at least borrow a jacket, or pants? Anything?The Undertaker lets out a hearty laugh! “No need! The town of Loincloth is a nudist colony!” You’re not a fan of this.

Alright, fine. Where is it?” “Head west! It’s a coastal town. Keep walking until there’s an ocean in your way, I’m sure you’ll find it without issue, Gregory.” You continue to pout. “For the record, I don’t like this.” “For the record, I don’t care!The Undertaker continues chuckling as you leave his home. Well, time to head west…

Or so you think, until you realize the path from The Undertaker’s home is eastward bound. Now that your tunnel drink-induced stupor has worn off, you notice that The Undertaker’s home is surrounded by mangroves. The path east leads into a more wooded area.

While scanning your surroundings, you turn around and notice that The Undertaker’s home is missing. You speculate that this is due to some sort of wrestling magic, and at this point, you really don’t have the energy to care. Behind the empty plot of land where The Undertaker used to live until thirty seconds ago, there is a dinghy sticking out of the water. There is a pack of supplies in the dinghy.

Will you head east and try to find a path on land, or try your luck in the mangroves?

> Raid the pack of supplies, then take the dinghy west through the mangroves.

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