Ask him if he knows why I turned up here, or where any of my friends ended up.

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Why am I here?” “That’s a very deep question, friend. Who can say? The universe places us wherever we were destined to be. And you, evidently, are supposed to be here.The Undertaker picks up the orb in front of you. A sort of cloudy, glittering interior begins to shine through. “This orb told me as much.

Can it tell me where my friends are?

Yes, but we must supply reagents. I have not the resources to scry. There is a town nearby - should you wish to determine your friends’ fates, I suggest you pay them a visit.The Undertaker winks at you.

You sigh, dreading walking into this town in the nude. Will you travel to the town?

> Ask if I can at least borrow his jacket or something, and see if he has any info on the town before I go.

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