Ask if anyone knows what "tunnel drink" is, or why the person at the Starbucks apparently disappeared.

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Hey, anyone know what tunnel drink is? I picked up a case of it in the coffee shop earlier.” You pull out a bottle of it and show your crew. Everyone looks confused. Macho Man takes the bottle and lowers it back into your backpack. “Kid, I don’t know what the hell that is. With that color, it’s probably trash. Stick it in there and forget about it.El Disgusto raises one eyebrow - his interest is clearly piqued with the mention of trash. “Nah, hombre, that’s not trash. I would’ve sensed it a mile away. I dunno what it is, though. Should I drink it?The Rock lays a hand on El Disgusto’s shoulder and shakes his head. El Disgusto looks down in silent disappointment.

The elevator continues to accelerate upward. The floor counter says that you’ve passed floor 12,402, and is showing no signs of stopping. Suddenly, a light begins to shine through a small crack in the door. You must be passing windows - or so you think, until the metallic walls of the elevator begin to turn slightly translucent. Looks like they plated this thing with two-way mirrors. “Why did they do that?” you wonder, before realizing that the outside must be fairly bright to shine through the walls.

The light becomes almost blinding. Your and your team shield your eyes for what feels like hours, but couldn’t have been more than a few minutes. You begin to feel the elevator decelerating. When you stop feeling the bright sun on your skin, you open your eyes…

The walls of the elevator have become fully translucent, like glass. You see great green vertical pipes surrounding the elevator - until you notice an air bubble in one. These aren’t green pipes, they’re piping green stuff. It looks oddly similar to your tunnel drink. You would’ve paused to consider this more, but your surroundings are very strange: outside, you see… Central Park?

I ain’t never seen a place like this,” mumbles Mankind, taking a bite out of an apple. Where did he get that?

Your elevator has slowed significantly. Eventually, the elevator stops, the alarm dings, and the doors open.

You find yourself in front of an ornate golden reception desk. You immediately notice that there’s a receptionist at the desk. She notices your group and smiles. “Can I help you gentlemen?

We’re here to see the boss,” says Macho Man. “I bet he already knows we’re comin’.” “One moment, please,” says the receptionist. She picks up her phone, dials a short number, and puts the receiver to her ear. “Five large men are here to see you, sir,” she says. She briefly looks up at you, and looks back at her desk. “Yes, he’s here too.” She pauses. “I’ll send them right in.

She hangs up the phone and smiles again. “Right this way, gentlemen.” She gets up and begins to lead your group around the corner.

You steel yourself in preparation for what’s to come. A golden skyscraper in New York, of all places. What’s Cena doing here? How did he get here? How did you get here? What are the strange drinks in your backpack? Where did Mankind get the apple? All these questions swirl in your mind as you turn the corner.

You’re led into a large gold-trimmed office. Every wall, aside from the side you entered on, is covered in ten-foot-tall windows. The wall has paintings of what you assume are famous figures in Wrestlemanian history, including Vince, Macho Man, and others that you don’t recognize. Ahead of you is a lone desk. A man is standing next to very, very tall office chair, staring out the window and standing at-ease. The chair, too, is facing the window.

Sir, the wrestlers are here,” says the receptionist. “Would you like anything else?” A gruff yet soft-spoken voice comes from behind the chair. “Thank you, Cathy. Could you please bring these tired warriors some drinks?” “Right away, sir,” she says with a smile. Suddenly, the receptionist is gone.

Macho Man points towards the desk and says softly yet firmly, “Now, just who the hell’re you two?

The man at the window turns around.

It’s John Cena. He recognizes you and gives a smirk.

The voice behind the desk booms. “You may have met my associate John already… But allow me to introduce myself formally, gentlemen…

The chair turns, revealing a massive Bornean Gorilla in what looks like a very, very nice suit!

Sirs, my name is Bubungo. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Your team stares in awe. Bubungo smiles. “You may be wondering what I am doing here, or my plans for your great nation…” He stares off into the distance, seemingly deep in thought. “Truthfully, my plans are quite tame. I simply wish to be the new owner of your country. Not directly, of course; my subordinates are difficult to manage as-is…. Mr. Cena will be your manager from now on. He will have great control over your governance, but I will have the final say on all matters.

The Ultimate Warrior interrupts. “Now, just who the hell do you think you are? You can’t just come in here and take this country. You’ll have to pry it from our cold, dead hands!

Oh?Bubungo makes several waving gestures to Cena, who begins to walk to the other side of the room. “I have done it before… The man who owned this building now has great power because of me, and I have great power over him… He even gave me this building as patronage. Alas, I already own so many… What is this one, Cathy, something on the… Fifth avenue?” “Yes, sir, this is 725 5th Avenue,” replies Cathy in a characteristic bubbly tone. “Oh, here are your drinks.” She hands you and your friends glasses of water. No one drinks.

Bubungo chuckles. “You may drink freely, gentlemen… They are not poisoned. If I wanted you dead, you would already be gone.” Still, you are quite wary. “Now, I would like to show you something, if you will spare a moment…

The floor opens up in front of you, revealing a large glass tank of bluish-green water. In the center hovers Vince, seemingly unconscious, and hooked up to various tubes.

Your friend is not dead. I do not like to kill great men… It always pains me to do so. Instead, he will remain in my collection,” says Bubungo, somewhat casually. He raises an eyebrow. “I see your worry… He is in no pain. For as long as we give him the fluid in a small dose, his mind is in a state between worlds, free to explore that which is, is not, and may never be…Bubungo lifts a vial of a dark green liquid, similar to the fluid you saw flowing through those tubes earlier.

This is my greatest invention, you see. We use this to traverse the planes freely, to enter any realm on which man has laid his eyes, and many where he has not.” He holds the vial high in the air. “By its hand, you have arrived,” He throws the vial on the floor, shattering it. “And by John’s, you will leave.

A thousand voices echo behind you, sending chills down your spine. They’re all saying one thing: “You have been compromised to a permanent end.” Your team turns around to see an army of Cenas, led by the real Cena.

Well, Greg,” says John with a shrug, “Looks like you’re the one getting evicted now, huh?” He smiles, before your vision goes dark. You think you’ve passed out, until you try to move - The Rock has used your orb of darkness!

We need to think quick, boys. We can’t fight out of this,” says Mankind, right before finishing off his apple. He throws the core behind him. El Disgusto immediately uses some sort of garbagemancy to grab the core in midair. He eats it in one bite. That’s pretty gross, but also kind of cool! Mankind holsters his shotgun.

You can’t stop thinking about the vial, or the tank with Vince, or the tubes in the elevator shaft, or the tunnel drink you picked up-

Wait, the tunnel drink. The tunnel drink is the same color as the fluid in the vial and in the tubes… Could it be?

You pull the tunnel drink out of your backpack and uncork a bottle. This is probably your only way out. You hold it up to your team. “Guys, I think this is the only way out. It looks like what was in the vial. Plus, when I found it, it looked like the last guy who drank it disappeared into thin air…

Screw it, bottoms up.The Ultimate Warrior has already pulled out a bottle from your shared backpack and slammed the entire thing! He quickly fades away into thin air. Incredible - it works!

Everyone else quickly does the same. You finish yours as well, and fade away…

You are now in a void. How long have you been here? You see flecks of light flying past you like stars. How peaceful, you think… Until more show up. And more. You’re surrounded in a whirlwind of light.

Suddenly, you feel a soft thump on your back. You feel the sun on your body, and a slight breeze going by. You relax for a minute, before you feel a soft poke on your shoulder.

Hello. Who might you be?

You open your eyes and see a man with long, somewhat greasy hair wearing an oddly pointy cowboy hat.

You have nothing. Your party is missing. You don’t know where you are. A strange man is poking you.

Will you answer him?

> Look up a walkthrough for Gregory Quest on GameFAQs.

> Ask him who he is before responding.

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