Tell everyone that I think we might be unprepared, and bring up what Mankind told me about The Undertaker and the explosions in the Wilds.

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Are we prepared enough? We’ve only got a few weapons. Also, Mankind, you were talking about a wizard out in the wilds, right? Should we try to bring him along too?

Macho Man begins to answer, but stops himself. “Wizard, huh? We know a wizard?Mankind sighs. “Yeah, I know him. Keeps to himself. Doesn’t want to deal with us, probably.” He shrugs. “Why do we need him anyways? We got guns and fists. What else do you need?

I mean, we’ve only got a shotgun and a fake pistol,” you retort. “You want ’em? All yours if you do,” offers Mankind. Seeing no reason to handicap yourself against wrestlers far stronger than yourself, you accept.

Macho Man claps his hands together a few times. “ALRIGHT BOYS, LET’S HEAD OUT!” You all start walking towards the car. El Disgusto yells “Shotgun!” and The Rock hands you the keys. Evidently, you’re supposed to drive. Your crew manages to pile into the back seat by having Mankind and Macho Man hang out of the windows. The Rock and The Ultimate Warrior are squished in the middle.

You pull off of the bumpy side street only to realize that every street here is bumpy. There are no cars or parking spots in sight. Thinking back, you can’t remember seeing any asphalt roads throughout your entire journey. You may in fact be the only car owner in all of Wrestlemania!

Macho Man guides you by shouting “LEFT!” and “RIGHT!” with no warning whenever you need to turn. After about ten minutes of this, you arrive at HQ.

The base of the building is fairly small, taking up as much space as the average tall New York building. As the cloud cover begins to clear, though, you see that it’s incredibly tall. You cannot see where the building ends. Strangely, the building is unguarded…

Alright boys, we’ve got a couple options,” says Macho Man. “This here building doesn’t have a basement, which means no tunnels. We can either sneak in the back or just rush the front. Vince is probably up top. Which way, Greggy?

Which way will you go, Greggy?

> Suggest trying to climb up the facade to take whoever's inside by surprise.

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