Go to the Starbucks and see if there is any meat, or anything else worth taking with us.

January 13, 2020 (Last modified Sun Mar 3 01:01 -0500)

For some inexplicable reason, you decide to hunt for meat in the coffee shop. Alone, you walk to the facade of the ordinary looking store, and immediately notice that the inside does indeed look like a Starbucks. You pick up a coffee cup on the ground outside and note that the logo is slightly different: the Starbucks mermaid is very strong, as one would expect. When you enter, your eyes are drawn to the counter. You see that the pastries section has been replaced with… A meat display?

In yet another wild display of Wrestlemanian absurdity, you find meat in the coffee shop. It looks like it hasn’t gone bad, either! You continue searching the coffee shop for items of value. Behind the counter, you find coffee cups, coffee makers, and everything else you’d really expect to find in a coffee shop. You also spot many, many containers of protein powder. Seeing nothing of value, you walk into the back office.

The office is covered in a very ugly yellow-brown patterned wallpaper. Though disgusted with their choice of decor, you press on. You see an open laptop on the lone desk and decide to take a look at whatever’s open. You’re immediately baffled by what you see - a recipe for something called “Tunnel Drink.”

2. PUT IN JAR AND SIP!!!!!!!

Well, that’s odd. You see a case of six bottles underneath the desk containing green liquid. They are all covered in what appears to be medical tape; “TUNNEL DRINK” is haphazardly written in sharpie on each.

You’re about to step back outside when something catches your eye: A pile of clothes next to the desk. They’ve fallen directly into a neat pile on the floor, as if someone had vanished while wearing them. You also see several opened bottles of tunnel drink next to the pile of clothes, all partially empty.

You decide to grab the case, and you grab a package of “Buff Gabbagool” out of the meat case on your way out. Hopefully it doesn’t go bad!

You get outside and go to check the time, but realize you aren’t wearing a watch. Would you like to hunt for one nearby while you’re waiting for your party, or just wait until they get back?

> Go into the apartment complex to look for a watch and see if anyone is inside.

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