Suggest that we split up and search the video store and any of the neighboring buildings for anything that might be useful, then meet up at the car in 20 minutes so we can get going.

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You think you noticed something in the video of strange old men eating grilled meat. “Hold on a second, I want to see something.” You put the tape back in. It starts off exactly where you left off: with old men eating meat while jazzy music plays in the background. They continue to give enthusiastic thumbs up while scarfing down some sort of burger or other meaty sandwich. You stare intently at the video, nearly unblinking, for several minutes. There doesn’t look like there’s anything out of the ordinary here… Or is there? You could swear that the old men’s graying hair has darkened somewhat, and that they look stronger than before.

El Disgusto chimes in. “Yeah! Here we go! These muchachos are the Barbecue Pit Druids. Every Sunday, they used to grill life-giving meats and share the leftovers with the boys in Hollow Hold… I wonder if they’re still on?” He shrugs, uncaring. “Hey, what’s over here?” he says before shambling over to a pile of tapes and rummaging through it. You decide this would be a good time to scavenge items from your surroundings, and suggest doing as such to the rest of your squad. They agree. “Let’s meet back here in twenty minutes,” you say before walking outside.

You are now on the street outside the video store. Now that there isn’t a horde of Cena clones attacking you, you’re able to notice that the street is named Lesnar Lane. You also notice a few shops around you: directly across the street is an exercise equipment store and a supplement store, and next to the video store is a coffee shop called “Buff Starbucks.” The rest of the buildings are apartment buildings with boarded up doors and windows. You see that one building has an open entrance.

Your party is about to split and search the surroundings. El Disgusto has taken the video store by default. The rest of your party will choose stores that you do not enter.

You have a prop pistol with one round, two candles, a lighter, and a depleted orb of darkness. Your 1992 Toyota Corolla is sitting parked on the curb.

What will you do? Will you enter one of the buildings, or do the opposite of exactly what you wanted to do? The choice is yours!

> Go to the Starbucks and see if there is any meat, or anything else worth taking with us.

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