Tell everyone about the VHS tapes and suggest we go back to the video store to watch them for clues about what we should do.

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Not yet,” you reply. “Me and Mankind found these tapes of John Cena in a video store just down the road. I think we can glean some info from these,” you say, holding up the two tapes. Macho Man raises one eyebrow. “I thought those were all destroyed years ago… Sounds like you hit the jackpot. Well, let’s go watch ’em.” You lead your motley crew of wrestlers back to the video store.

You navigate your way across the wrecked video store and put the tape labeled “The Prototype” into the Megavoxx TV. The tape begins partway through - seems like someone did a poor job of rewinding the tapes hereā€¦

After a brief moment of static, the screen displays a brightly-lit ring containing Cena and a wrestler you’ve never seen. It looks like they’re circling each other, trying to gauge who will move first. The announcers are excitedly describing what’s going on and exchanging banter.

It’s rare to see a match like this one; wouldn’t you say so, Bob?” “That’s right Jim, this one’ll go down in the history books, for better or for worse. Looks like they’re starting to talk!

The two wrestlers stop circling. The unknown wrestler speaks first. “You’re pretty strong, but so am I,” boasts the man, beating his chest with his fists. “You can’t win! You might as well give up right now!Cena is unamused. “Hey… They don’t call me The Prototype for nothin’.Cena touches his left wrist and begins to fade from the screen. You can’t see him! He’s invisible!

The other wrestler is visibly distressed and begins scanning the ring for Cena. The tape suddenly cuts to a group of old men grilling copious amounts of meat. Did someone record over this?

The Rock looks perplexed. “So he has the power of invisibility…Macho Man cuts in. “Now how the hell’d he do that?” He scratches his beard, deep in thought. “This ain’t good… Greg, pop in the next tape, will ya? Let’s see what else we can find.

You put in the tape labeled “The Doctor of Thugonomics.” This one looks like it starts late. As usual, the tape hasn’t been rewound. You immediately notice that a rap song is loudly playing, with lyrics like “Time is up, my time is now; you can’t see me, my time is now” being repeated. Seems like this is Cena’s fight song.

Similar to the last one, this tape starts by looking at a wrestling ring. Dissimilar to the last one, there are at least a dozen Cena clones running circles around a man in the center of the ring. Cena is yelling in the corner and waving his hands about. “They don’t call me the professor for nothing! Talk dirt, get merked! Time’s up!” The tape abruptly stops, again cutting to a scene of old men, who are this time eating meat, nodding their heads, and giving aggressive thumbs up. Whoever rented these last is very, very strange… You turn the tape off.

Hey man, put that back on, that show’s good!” You turn to face El Disgusto, who is very visibly disappointed that you won’t watch old people eating burgers. He notices the glares he’s getting from the rest of your party, and slinks back.

That wasn’t very enlightening,” says The Rock, his arms crossed in contemplation.

Your party is contemplating what they’ve just seen.

You have a prop pistol with one round, two candles, a lighter, and a depleted orb of darkness. Your 1992 Toyota Corolla is sitting outside.

What will you do?

> Put the tape back on and study the burger preparation intently.

> Suggest that we split up and search the video store and any of the neighboring buildings for anything that might be useful, then meet up at the car in 20 minutes so we can get going.

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