Ask if Mankind knows more than he's letting on.

December 9, 2019 (Last modified Sun Mar 3 01:01 -0500)

While you’re crouching next to the doorway, about to run into combat, you turn to face Mankind. “Hey, do you know something you aren’t telling me?

Like what?

What happened to Vince after he got pissed off?

Oh, he just got mad that his head was shaved. He was embarrassed as all getout. He started acting like an ass after that, he got mad a lot, all sorts of stuff. Not sure if he ever recovered before he died,” says Mankind, while caressing his shotgun, anxious for combat. “Are we gonna go kick some ass, or what?

Will you go kick some ass, or what?

> Use the orb of darkness in whatever battle awaits outside.

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