Hold onto the tapes until I find my companions and continue exploring the city.

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You decide to hold on to the tapes for now. The safety of your friends are a much higher priority right now. Evidently, Mankind has different priorities, and starts waving you over.

Hoho! Just found one of Vince getting his ass beat by a guy with shitty hair! Forgot I stuck this in there. Look at this, man, look at this, this one’s funny. Just hold on a sec-

You walk over to the TV Mankind’s fiddling with and notice that it’s branded as “MEGAVOXX.” You’re noticing a trend with the branding in this storeā€¦

Mankind inserts the tape of Vince fighting the “guy with shitty hair.” The tape starts partway through - looks like someone didn’t rewind it - directly at a part where a man is holding Vince on the ground and repeatedly punching him in the head. His face isn’t visible, but his hair certainly is. You agree with Mankind’s assessment. “Oh, hold on, there’s a better part, I remember, just wait a sec-

Mankind fast forwards through twenty minutes of video, until he stops on a very confusing sight. McMahon is being held down by two unrecognizable wrestlers while the “bad hair guy” shaves McMahon’s head. Half the crowd is cheering, and the other half booing.

Mankind, what’s going on here? This doesn’t look like wrestling.Mankind crosses his arms and nods his head. “Yup. It isn’t. This part really pissed Vince off!Mankind’s smile turns neutral. “Come to think of it, he stayed pissed for a while after that. Huh…Mankind thinks for a minute and shrugs. “Probably nothing to it.” The tape has been playing in the background - you realize that the bad hair guy has been talking for a while.

…like I win again, vapid Vince! You can’t beat t-

The entire store shakes as another explosion hits. This one is very, very close by. The power momentarily goes out, and the tape stops playing. You can’t help but feel that the man’s voice was familiar, but you have little time to focus before you hear shouting voices outside.

Shit, need a gun, need a gun, need a gun…Mankind starts to look for a weapon. Is he mad? This is a video store, how could he-

YEAH BABY, HERE WE GO!Mankind pulls an ornate shotgun out from behind the counter. Why was that there? “Let’s go, kid,Mankind says with a bloodlust in his eyes you’ve not seen since your encounter with Hogan’s Hooligans. Once again, you’re very glad he’s on your side.

You pull out your prop pistol. You remember hearing that blanks can still kill from up close, and you keep that in mind when considering your defense plan.

You might be about to step into a warzone. You have with you a prop pistol with three rounds, two candles, a lighter, an orb of darkness, and two VHS tapes of John Cena in his early years.

Mankind has a shotgun, an indeterminate amount of shells, and an insatiable bloodlust.

What will you do first?

> Ask if Mankind knows more than he's letting on.

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