Check the doors of some of the nearby buildings to see if any are open and anyone is inside.

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You decide to check out some of the city while you make your way to the epicenter of the explosion. You start walking, and decide to question Mankind for a bit.

Mankind, where is everyone?

He coughs and clears his throat before responding. Is he a smoker? You’re not sure, and kind of don’t care—he’s dead already, he can’t die twice, right? “No clue. Maybe they ran away from whoever the hell’s blowing things up!

You agree—that would be the most obvious reason for a deserted city. Before you can think of what else to ask him, you come across a business with its doors wide open. You decide to take a look inside.

The store’s window decorations look like someone tried to tear them down, but failed, leaving ripped up piles of sticker paper. The shelves are intact, but some things have been strewn about.

The first thing you see is a VHS case on the ground. You decide to inspect it, and see that it’s a cartoon of some sort. The cover unsurprisingly features muscular men, but they have some sort of colored muscular sidekicks floating behind them. The title is in a language you can’t understand.

You see a sticker on the side labeled “BLOCKBLASTER HOME VIDEO.” You’re in a video rental store! If there are any videos in here featuring Cena, you could learn about his attacks…

You search around for tapes with Cena, and you actually manage to find a few: You find an old one where he’s billed as “The Prototype,” and a somewhat newer one, this time billed as “The Doctor of Thugonomics.Mankind looks at the tapes you’ve found, then looks at you. “This the guy you’re up against?


Is he any good?

Pretty good, yeah.

Not good enough to go up against us.Mankind punches his palm, and a bit of flame comes out from between his fingers. You’re glad he’s an ally of yours.

You’ve found two VHS tapes of Cena. Do you want to find a VHS player and watch them, or keep them with you and continue exploring?

> Hold onto the tapes until I find my companions and continue exploring the city.

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