Try to find some of my stuff or my other friends in the stadium.

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Let’s look for my stuff. I had a bit on me before I got here,” you say to Mankind. He nods.

You decide to look around the stadium for a bit, but it’s been cleaned out. The only things left in here are cobwebs and dust piles.

You decide to head toward the exit, but check the basement first. It becomes increasingly dark as you walk down the stairs, despite your torch remaining at full brightness. You’re concerned; as is Mankind, who’s decided to use his flame jets as a light source. You finally reach the basement and are greeted with a dark room. A very, very dark room. It’s almost as if a void has opened in front of you.

What the hell’s going on here,” exclaims Mankind as he moves into the room. He’s immediately engulfed by darkness. You’re momentarily terrified before you hear him say “Oh, that’s all?” from behind the veil.

You decide to follow, hoping that this isn’t a trap. After passing the darkness barrier, the room looks normal and light propagates as one would expect. You see that Mankind’s opened a chest, which contains a purple orb. The light glitters on the surface, almost as if there are currents underneath its shell.

This right here, pal,” begins Mankind, “is a stage prop! We’d use these things for effect on stage. And, speak of the devil - this one’s made by The Undertaker!” He flips the orb to show you a marking: a circumscribed perfect triangle, with the initials “T.U.” in the center. Evidently, this is the mark of The Undertaker.

Looks like this one got turned on by accident.Mankind firmly slaps the side of the orb, and its darkness fades. Its once flowing sheen has been replaced with a purple, almost plasticine coating.

Mankind pockets the orb. You note that his pockets are enormous.

You scan the rest of the rectangular basement. You saunter over to some conspicuously overturned barrels in the corner, and see that two of them are emptied. The third has a metallic sheen at the back. You reach in and find a pistol.

You examine the pistol, and notice that it has three bullets loaded. You also notice that’s quite similar to the pistol given to you by The Rock so long ago… Could this be…?

You check the side of the barrel. “PROP WEAPONS - FOR USE WITH BLANKS

Probably shouldn’t jump to conclusions,” you think to yourself. Your friends are fine. Right? You pocket the pistol.

Mankind shouts across the basement. “*No dice, kid. Can’t find anything down here except for rat shit and spider webs. Let’s keep going, eh?” Mankind gestures to the exit.

You now have an orb of darkness and a prop pistol with three blank shots.

Do you want to leave, or search the basement for more supplies first?

> Search for supplies before leaving.

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