Take a crossbow with arrows, some oil bombs, and at least one of the most unusual and exotic looking weapons in the room.

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You take a crossbow, a dozen arrows, a handful of oil bombs, and a baseball bat-shaped object with spikes on the end. The spikes glow red with heat, presumably generated by some protein-powered magic. Vince calls out from across the room, “All set, Gary? I’m hankerin’ to smash Cena’s face in.” You assume that he means you, and call back to Vince with a hearty “Let’s kick some ass.Macho Man smirks. “Alright, let’s go,” says Vince to The Rock. He silently nods, and leads you back out the storeroom entrance. Your party, led by The Rock, begins walking towards what you think may be the palace.

Shouldn’t be much farther,” whispers The Rock. After a couple minutes, your squad reaches a ladder. Macho Man goes up first, and after making sure the coast is clear, motions for you to follow. When you reach the top of the ladder, you see that you’ve entered a massive refrigerator full of raw eggs. After you slowly scan the towering shelves of eggs for threats, you notice The Rock, Vince, and El Disgusto have joined you. “From here, we make our way through the kitchens, up the dumbwaiters, and finally to a room adjacent the throne room,” says The Rock. “Let’s fight our way through. I’m done with stealth, I want to break some skulls,” says Macho Man while cracking his knuckles. “Agreed. Do it,Vince says with a smile; “It’s been too long since I’ve seen some real action.The Rock nods in agreement. “Everyone ready?

What weapon or weapons will you use in this engagement? Keep in mind, you do have limited ammo.

> Mainly use the unusual bat-like weapon, with the oil bombs for backup.

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