Sneak through the canals.

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Let’s try the canals.Vince seems a little surprised. “Well, it’s your decision.” You get the idea that Vince wanted you to see the city. Ah, well. Off to the dark, dank, disgusting canals!

The Rock leads your group over to a manhole cover. The cover is ordained with more hieroglyphics, which The Rock appears to be reading. “South system entrance,” he says. “This will take us to the cistern. From there we can go to the palace.” The Rock removes the manhole cover. El Disgusto looks excited for your adventure into the canals. “I’ll go first!” He hops directly into the canals and you hear a big splash. You peer into the hole and see El Disgusto doing laps in the water. “Let’s take the ladder,” says The Rock.

You go first to allow Macho Man and The Rock to carry Vince down the ladder. When you get to the bottom, you see exactly what you expected to see: a canal, occupied by El Disgusto, with two metal walkways on each side. Not exactly as flashy as the rest of the city, but hey, it’s a canal. As soon as the rest of your squad comes down the ladder, The Rock begins leading you northward.

You walk for about ten minutes before you come across a grate looking up into the city. Macho Man whispers “Stop! Against the wall!” Your party clings to the wall. You’re a bit surprised. In your entire time in this strange land, you’ve never had to do anything stealthy. What could possibly compel Macho Man to hide?

When Macho Man peeks through the grate, you see his eyes widen. He gestures for you and the rest of your squad to do the same. When you look through the grate, you see someone you didn’t expect to see: It’s John Cena! Wait, who’s he talking to? It’s… John Cena?

Through the grate, you see at least a dozen John Cenas. “Jesus Christ, it’s an invasion,” exclaims Vince. “What the hell are they doing to my city!? We can’t wait any longer. We need to get these pieces of trash out of Wrestlemania!El Disgusto looks a little irritated at Vince’s comment, but holds his tongue. “I know where we can get more weapons,” says Macho Man. “There’s a big store room in the cistern. The architects put it there in case the city was ever occupied.” “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go,” says Vince. You walk north for another half-hour until you get to the cistern.

When you get to the cistern, the small, dark canal opens up into a large, slightly brighter area where all the other canals in the city drain into a large pit. Macho Man leads you over to a raised brick in the wall, which, when pushed, reveals a weapons storeroom. Inside the storeroom you see hundreds of swords, maces, crossbows, flaming arrows, oil bombs, and other weapons you’ve never seen before. Interestingly enough, there are no guns. There also happens to be a big box labeled "SUPER EXTREME STEROIDS" in the corner. “Gear up, dudes. We’re about to go to war,” says Macho Man. Your comrades grab one crossbow, two dozen arrows, and one sword each, aside from Macho Man, who grabs two swords and no crossbow, and The Rock, who grabs only a crossbow and what looks like hundreds of arrows.

Is there anything you’d like to take before you leave?

> Take a crossbow with arrows, some oil bombs, and at least one of the most unusual and exotic looking weapons in the room.

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