Explain to Vince who I am and ask him what the last thing he remembers is before waking up here, in hopes that it could help us in some way.

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So, er, Mr. McMahon, I-” “Stop right there, kiddo.Vince presumably doesn’t mean this literally, as The Rock continues running at a breakneck pace. “Mr. McMahon was my father’s name. Call me Vince. Now just who the hell are you again?” You, essentially a bystander for the majority of this strange adventure, have genuinely no idea. You remember that you had a home at one point. “Just a traveler. John Cena teleported me here after I tried to evict him.” You realize just how bizarre this story is. You, after realizing how exponentially bizarre the world around you is, push that thought to the back of your mind. “Well, kid, he brought you to the right place. Welcome to the Kingdom of Wrestlemania, the world’s one and only Fortune 500 country!” “Thanks, Vince. What’s the last thing you remember before waking up in your crypt? That info might help us defeat Cena.” “Well, I can tell ya right now that there’s no way this’ll help us, but it’s a helluva story anyways.

“*So there I was, minding my own business, yelling at this stupid ref—I don’t care if you just got hit by a chair, I’m paying you to make calls—and suddenly, I get body slammed by this big hairpiece-looking orangutan! I smacked my neck hard on the edge of the ring, and boom, instant internal decapitation.” Based on Vince’s prior behavior, you assumed he died of a drug-induced heart attack. What a way to die! You decide to pry a bit more into Vince’s story. “Who killed you?Vince looks at you puzzlingly. “An orangutan with a hairpiece. Didn’t I say that? Macho Man, didn’t I just tell this kid I was killed by an orangutan?Macho Man backs up Vince without hesitation. “He was killed by an orangutan, Gregory.” Alrighty then. “Was the orangutan prosecuted at all? What happened to it?Vince ponders for a moment. “Hmm… I dunno. Probably got beaten to a pulp by all those wrestlers around me. But then again, I was dead, so what do I know?” You decide not to ask how he knew all those other details, but not this one. Night falls as you sprint across the plains.

As you race through the night you notice a sea of clouds growing overhead. You think nothing of this at first, but as you get closer you notice what appears to be a tower surrounded in spotlights, reaching into the heart of the clouds from beyond the horizon. At first glance you assume the tower must be a skyscraper or monument of some sort at the center of Wrestlympus City, but as you get closer its immense size makes it very clear to you that this isn’t just some building on top of Mount Wrestlympus. No, this is Mount Wrestlympus. After what feels like hours of running, your group reaches the base of the mountain, and you get your first good look at your final destination.

Welp, here we are fellas; Mount Wrestlympus.” says Macho Man, in an uncharacteristically stern tone. You look up at the mountain before you and are overwhelmed by feelings of fear and awe. This is not the simple hill you had imagined, but rather a massive monolith of stone erupting from the otherwise flat plains of the surrounding countryside. The entire structure appears to be formed out of natural stone columns stretching so high into the sky that you can’t even see the top. After examining the mountain you turn back to your party.

T-this is Mount Wrestlympus?” you stutter, your fear obvious to the rest of the group. “Why would you ever build a city on top of something like this?!Vince looks down at you with a look of disapproval in his eye. “Hey, watch it Georgie” he snaps, “I knew when I founded Wrestlemania that I only wanted the best of the best to make it big here, so I set up shop on top of the most dangerous mountain I could find. Only true wrestlers who can make it to the top are ready to fight in my ring.

Everybody who’s anybody in Wrestlemania has made the climb.Macho Man adds. “All of us here have, and if you’re planning on creaming Cena then you’re gonna need to prove you can too. No ifs, ands or asses about it.

You swallow hard before responding. “Well, at least all of you guys are here. I’m sure the climb won’t be too bad if you’ve all done it before, right?” You look to your friends hoping for some positive reinforcement, but you’re only met with silence and sheepish glances. After a few seconds, The Rock speaks up. “Actually, Gregory… I’m afraid you’re going to have to do this alone. The Wrestlympus challenge is meant to prove our strength as individuals, and show to the rest of the wrestling community what we’re really capable of. If you’re serious about taking on Cena, then you’re going to need to take the challenge the same way as everyone else. We’ll rest here for the night, but come tomorrow we’re going to have to part ways until you reach the peak.

Your heart sinks as you realize what The Rock just explained to you. “I have to do this… by myself? But I can’t! There’s no way I’ll ever make it up there! I might be the hero here for some reason but I’m no wrestler!” You shout, hoping the rest of your party will offer some kind of alternative. In response, The Rock and Macho Man glance at one another uneasily, El Disgusto lowers his head and slinks away, and Vince simply shakes his head in disapproval. Evidently there’s no getting out of this one.

Your party sets up camp and begins to settle in for the night as you nervously pace around the area. Is there anything you’d like to do before you lay down? This may be your last chance to speak with your party until you reach the city of Wrestlympus.

> Ask everyone if they have any advice for the climb.

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