Tell El Disgusto to go talk to Vince.

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Psst… El DisgustoEl Disgusto can’t take his eyes off of the strange sight in front of him. You elbow him in the ribs. He flinches. “Ah… What? Oh, right.” He turns towards the once-dead president sitting in front of you. “You want some milk with that protein powder, Vince?

Vince McMahon stops snorting the protein powder and begins to talk in a gravelly voice. “Who is this I hear? No, it couldn’t be… The Disgustinator, is that you?El Disgusto seems confused. “No, man, my name’s El Disgusto-” “Your name’s whatever I want it to be, Garbage Man! I’m the president of this here land! You’d better respect your superiors, Trash Compactor!Vince snorts another line of protein powder. Macho Man decides to step in and taps him on the shoulder. “Vince, my man.Vince looks up in surprise. “Look who it is! The Macho Man himself! How’ve ya been, old buddy?Macho Man seems taken aback. “Whaddaya mean, “how’ve you been?” you just rose from the freaking dead and you want to know how I’ve been? How’ve YOU been? Where’d you go when you died?Vince seems shocked. “Wait, I was DEAD? What in blazes are you talking about? If I was dead, how am I alive now?” “The Ultimate Warrior picked you up and used some freaky wrestle magic to bring you back. I don’t know how he did it, but-Vince gets up and sprints outside. Macho Man runs after him, and you follow close behind.

Vince is standing just outside the monument. A few seconds after you get outside, Vince shouts in the air, his voice echoing across across the plains. “I SMELL A WIMP IN THE KINGDOM! NO WIMPS ALLOWED!” He starts running north along the road, but in his weakened state, runs out of breath quickly and sits down on the side of the road. You and Macho Man walk up to him.

Macho Man starts talking to Vince. “That wimp’s what we wanted to talk to you about, dude. John Cena’s gone rogue. He took over Wrestlympus, and if we don’t stop him, he’s gonna take over the rest of Wrestlemania too.Vince is unfazed. “Well, we need to kick his ass! Pick me up and let’s go give him a whoopin’! Wait a minute, who’s this clown?Vince seems to be talking to you. “You know what? Don’t know, don’t care. Let’s go.The Rock walks over and picks up Vince. “Aha, if it ain’t The Rock in the flesh! Let’s get going, we’re in a hurry here!The Rock sighs and complies with Vince’s request. You and your squad start running north to Wrestlympus.

You get the idea Vince doesn’t want to talk, but you’re welcome to try. This might be your last chance before your showdown with John Cena. Who knows what dangers lie within Wrestlympus?

> Explain to Vince who I am and ask him what the last thing he remembers is before waking up here, in hopes that it could help us in some way.

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