Set up camp in the tomb and look around.

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Macho Man walks into the tomb first. Since you’d also like to set up camp, you don’t protest. You follow him inside.

You immediately notice that the inside of the tomb is covered in weathered frescoes of scenes from Vince McMahon’s life. His entire lifetime from birth to death has been lovingly depicted on these walls. You also notice that there are piles of protein powder and vitamin supplements sitting around the stone sarcophagus in the center of the tomb, which has been emptied.

Jesus, it’s like a body-building tornado blew through this place,” says Macho Man. El Disgusto looks pleased to once again stand in the middle of a chaotic mess. The Rock, however, does not look pleased in the slightest. He angrily walks up to the sarcophagus of McMahon and inspects it. “He stole president McMahon’s championship belt.The Rock gets up, clenches his fists, and runs deeper into the tomb. You’d better make sure he doesn’t try to pick a fight with The Ultimate Warrior.

You run after The Rock. After a few minutes of sprinting down a spiral staircase, you reach the bottom. You exit the stairwell through a broken metal door frame, leading into a massive torchlit chamber with tall piles of gold and jewels stretching from wall to wall. This is incredible; you’ve never seen this much money in your life! You don’t have much time to bask in McMahon’s immense wealth, though, because you’re almost instantly interrupted by a loud banging sound on the far side of the room, coupled with a shout of incomprehensible gibberish. You run to check out the disturbance.

You run over and find that the loud bashing is being dealt by none other than The Ultimate Warrior. The Rock is trying to bargain with him, but The Ultimate Warrior has no time for such talk. He continues bashing on a massive metal door with his fists. You’re surprised at the dents he’s making with his fists, and simultaneously surprised that he hasn’t broken through the door yet. “TAKE THAT BELT OFF, YOU MADMAN! IT WON’T HELP YOU!” yells The Rock. Before you can ask what’s going on, Macho Man and El Disgusto run in behind you. “What’s going on? Who is that man bashing on the door?” asks El Disgusto. As usual, El Disgusto’s mind is elsewhere, and his questions make you want to put your palm through your face.

Macho Man runs to stop The Ultimate Warrior from breaking through the door, but he’s too late. The Ultimate Warrior succeeds in breaking down the structural integrity of the door, rips it off its hinges, and tosses it into a nearby pile of gold coins. It launches hundreds of the coins into the air, and you have to cover your head to avoid being hit. “HE’S REACHED THE INNER SANCTUM!” yells The Rock in despair. The Ultimate Warrior sprints into the sanctum and your squad follows in pursuit. You, not wanting to miss out on any of the action, follow.

You enter the sanctum. Immediately, you’re struck by the beauty of this place. The sanctum is a cavernous room with walls and floors styled to look like the inside of a grassy cave. The walls are covered in very old cave paintings of wrestlers hunting buffalo-like animals. There are blossoming cherry trees everywhere, and the walls have ports with daylight pouring out of them. You think that this might actually be daylight piped in from the surface, until you remember that it’s nighttime. This place would be a paradise, if there weren’t an insane immortal behemoth running through it.

You snap out of your aesthetically-induced trance and notice The Ultimate Warrior sprinting towards another sarcophagus in the center of the room, on top of a small grassy hill. “STOP, YOU IDIOT!” yells Macho Man in desperation. “THAT’S VINCE’S GRAVE!The Ultimate Warrior stops next to the stone sarcophagus and turns to face Macho Man. “I KNOW, YA GOOF! THAT’S WHY I’M HERE! NOW WATCH THIS!

The Ultimate Warrior effortlessly flips the stone lid of the sarcophagus. It goes flying, and lodges itself in the trunk of one of the cherry trees. Inside the sarcophagus is the perfectly preserved body of Vince McMahon. The Ultimate Warrior begins making strange hand gestures and the body of Vince McMahon rises into the air. The Ultimate Warrior begins chanting. “OOMPA LOOMPA DOOMPITY DOO, I’VE GOT ANOTHER CHANCE AT LIFE FOR YOU!!!” After about a minute of this, beams of light shoot out of McMahon in all directions. “I don’t believe it…” says Macho Man. Your entire party is watching in awe.

The Ultimate Warrior lowers the body of McMahon to the floor. Incredibly, McMahon actually sits up! The Ultimate Warrior has succeeded in resurrecting Vince McMahon… Or has he? “Protein…” grumbles the newly-living president. He begins to shout. “PROTEIN! PROTEIN!!McMahon begins lumbering towards the exit. He quickly gains speed and sprints up the stairs. The Ultimate Warrior, despite causing this situation, looks very nonplussed. “THIS IS TOO SPOOPY FOR ME MY DUDES. I’M GONNA MAKE LIKE A CAR AND WIMBLY WIMBLY OUTTA HERE! SEE YA IN WRESTLYMPUS, AMIGOS!” And just like that, The Ultimate Warrior was gone.

Your party begins chasing after the crazed walking corpse of Vince McMahon. You find him in the first room you entered, snorting protein powder. Your entire wrestling squad is speechless.

What will you do to break the silence? Will you try to talk to Vince McMahon, or will you try to get one of your teammates to talk to him instead?

> Tell El Disgusto to go talk to Vince.

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