Go in via the secret fraternity entrance.

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Let’s take the secret tunnel. That way we won’t have to go through all this fire,” you say. The Rock and Macho Man nod in agreement. El Disgusto is staring off into space, as usual. The Rock leads you and your party to the secret entrance, located directly behind an oak tree on the outskirts of the forest. He clears quite a bit of dead brush away from the tree, uncovering a metal hatch. The Rock opens the hatch, revealing a long ladder going down into a dark pit. “This is it. Watch your step,” says The Rock.

Macho Man goes into the pit first. His ghostly frame floods the pit with a bluish-green glow. You can see that the pit walls are made of stone bricks, but the entrance is too narrow to see anything else from up here. You enter the pit after Macho Man.

The climb down isn’t very long, and you reach the bottom in less than a minute. Once there, you scan your surroundings. The walls here are covered in moss and a strange slime, and the ceilings are dripping with water. The floors are cobblestone covered in a thin layer of mud. Once El Disgusto notices the slimy walls, he instantly seems pleased to be here. The Rock doesn’t seem quite as happy. He begins leading your party through the passage.

You walk for what feels like hours until you finally come to a ladder. The Rock climbs up first, looks around, and ushers you all up. For some reason, he has a very concerned look on his face…

Once you reach the surface, you realize why. Smoke hits your face almost instantly, and you can faintly smell burnt meat. After shaking off the sudden change of atmosphere, you realize that your party is surrounded by dozens of wrestlers, and they don’t look happy. A few of them have spears pointed at you. This is very unpleasant. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, you see a hooded figure walk out of the shadows…


The figure uncloaks himself to reveal the face of Hulk Hogan! “FUNNY SEEING YOU BROTHERS HERE, WE WERE ALMOST DONE WITH DINNER!” Ominous laughter erupts from Hogan and your captors. “WHO’S READY FOR DESSERT?

Macho Man whispers something to The Rock, then turns to you. “Looks like we’re gonna have to fight these guys, Gregory.” Macho Man materializes a spectral sword out of thin air and hands it to you. “Don’t forget, you have that gun The Rock gave you. Only use it when you’re about to get creamed, you only get six shots.

The Rock cracks his knuckles. Hulk Hogan seems unphased. “LOOKS LIKE MEAT’S BACK ON THE MENU, BROTHERS!” You think you hear one of Hogan’s Hooligans say “We just ate meat ten minutes ago,” but you don’t have any time to react before the spear-wielding wrestlers come at you and your party. El Disgusto notices this and vomits directly on the spears, instantly dissolving them as well as a small chunk of the ground below them. You take advantage of the unfolding chaos to run through the smoke to get behind a nearby tower, giving you some time to plot your next move.

You are in the courtyard of Hollow Hold, hiding behind a tower. Your party is in the middle of the hold, fighting Hogan’s Hooligans. You have a spectral sword and an antique revolver with six bullets. Will you charge into the fray, or look for ways to fight Hogan and his Hooligans from afar?

> Attempt to climb to the top of the tower while the Hooligans are distracted and use it as a vantage point to snipe them. If that doesn't work, charge in with the sword and gun at the same time.

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