Walk in the direction of the fire.

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You begin walking towards the burning forest to get a better look at whatever caused the fire. You walk for ten minutes across the plains, then sit down on a flat rock. You can see windows in the stone spires now; looks like it’s a castle or fort of some kind. You make a mental note to ask Macho Man about it later on. Just before you head back to El Disgusto’s house, you hear a voice in the distance…

Help! Help!

You turn around to see a dirty, distressed man running towards you. “Help! We’ve been attacked!” The fact that this person needs your help doesn’t surprise you — After all, you are the mythical Gregory — but what does surprise you is that this is the first person you’ve seen that doesn’t look like a professional wrestler. While you stand there in surprise, the man finally reaches you. Out of breath, he tries to speak. “We… were attacked… by Ho- URK!” The distressed man falls over, revealing an arrow in his back. You’re not quite sure where the arrow came from, and you don’t care. You run as fast as possible back to El Disgusto’s house.

You run back, and as you come up the hill next to the house, you spot your squad of wrestlers all packed up and ready to go. Macho Man looks away from the pyramid of cream packets he’s been building and notices you sprinting towards him with an exasperated look on your face.

You explain to everyone what you just saw. El Disgusto is disconcerted. The Rock is angry. Macho Man is expressionless, but looks like he has something to say. “Huh. I forgot that place was there. Somehow, for the last half-hour, none of us looked in that direction…Macho Man pauses, then opens his eyes with fear. “Oh man, that’s Hollow Hold! That’s where all the wrestling students live and train! We gotta get over there and save them!

All three of your companions start running across the plains towards the castle. You follow. After a straight half-hour of running, you finally reach the outskirts of the blazing forest. You’re shocked that you could run for that long — Looks like those protein shakes helped!

The Rock looks around, then begins to speak. “When I trained here, we had three entrances. One was the main gate, one was through the servant’s entrance, and one was through a secret tunnel to my old fraternity’s basement. That should be next to one of the trees around here.” Macho Man thinks for a moment, then turns to you. “Well, Gregory, which way should we go?

El Disgusto has officially joined your party!

You are at the outskirts of the blazing forest. Hollow Hold lies about two hundred yards directly in front of you. Which entrance do you take?

> Go in via the secret fraternity entrance.

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