Question where all the stuff in the house actually went and where he got the chicken wings.

February 4, 2016 (Last modified Sun Mar 3 01:01 -0500)

El Disgusto, where did all that gross stuff go?

Ah, great question, my new amigo! I put it all behind the couch! Out of sight, out of mind, eh?El Disgusto lets out a hearty laugh. Seeing as how you’re in a strange land of wrestlers, you decide not to question the logistics of this. “Where did you get these chicken wings? They taste great,” you ask to change the subject. “I found them in someone’s garbage can last week. I was so shocked that someone would throw away perfectly good chicken wings!” You gag. El Disgusto notices your discomfort, and gives you a hearty pat on the back. “Oh, I cleaned them up first, of course! You’ve seen my powers in action, that stuff works like a charm.” You stop gagging, but have lost your appetite entirely. The Rock appears to have lost his as well.

Alright Grossly, here’s the deal,” says Macho Man. “We need your help to defeat John Cena. He’s too strong for us to fight him alone. He’s taking over more and more of Wrestlemania as we speak. We can’t wait, man, we need to end him now.El Disgusto seems both pleased and irritated that he has to actually do something. “Alright, give me a few minutes. You gentlemen wait outside, okay? I’ll be out quick.El Disgusto begins putting back all the sludge, grime, and mold covering his home. You, Macho Man, and The Rock make a hasty exit.

Once outside, Macho Man turns to you and The Rock. “That was nasty, dudes. Thanks for not saying anything. He gets mad if you don’t like his mess. You might want to take a little walk, Gregory, ol’ Grossly usually takes a while.The Rock sits down on a nearby tree stump and begins meditating. Looks like you’ll be walking alone.

You look around. Behind Grossly’s home, to the east, lies vast plains of tall grass and bushes with what appears to be a burning forest in the far distance. You see some stone spires poking out of the forest canopy. You can’t help but feel that this fire is Cena’s doing. To the west lies the forest you came out of. To the north and south is the long road you’ve been following for miles.

Where will you go on your short walk?

> Walk in the direction of the fire.

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