Ask the Rock and Macho Man where this road leads, and where we're going.

February 4, 2016 (Last modified Sun Mar 3 01:01 -0500)

Guys, where does this road lead?

The Rock is silent, but has a look of relief on his face. Looks like he was waiting for you to ask so he didn’t have to. “This road goes for miles and miles, all the way to the edge of Wrestlemania. We’re headin’ to an old buddy of mine’s house first. We’ll be there in a few minutes.

Minutes pass, and sure enough, your group arrives at a home covered in vines and moss. You also smell something slightly acidic in the air… This can’t be good. Macho Man breaks the silence. “Here he is. Be nice, kids. Respect your elders. Don’t say anything ‘bout the smell.The Rock seems mildly annoyed.

Macho Man throws open the door with his spectral arms. The door smashes into pieces, which then each individually burst into flames. You’re taken aback at Macho Man’s strength, but not as much as you’re disgusted by the interior of this home. The walls are coated in a black sludge, and an acrid smell fills the air. You step in something engulfed in a black mold and gag. Just as you’re about to turn around and leave, a voice calls out from the darkness. “Gentlemen, welcome to my humble home!

You turn around to see a shambling horror that looks like a cross between a Sasquatch with mange and the Swamp Thing. A smell even more horrid than this home fills your nose, and you nearly vomit. The nightmarish creature in front of you begins to speak with a voice reminiscent of a twenty-packs-a-day smoker. “Apologies, my friends, let me clean this up a bit for you…

All the mold, moss, and especially the smell is sucked into a whirlwind, and deposited somewhere out of sight. The home now looks almost spotless. The… thing in front of you has also cleaned itself up: It’s a Mexican wrestler! “*Now to introduce myself. Some call me a monster, some call me “The Grossly Wrestler;” but the fans call me “El Disgusto Magnifico!”

While you’re still recovering from the smell, Macho Man begins to talk to El Disgusto. “We already met, man. I’ve talked to you every week for, like, ten years. Those plants are getting to your head.El Disgusto’s eyes open in surprise. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot about you! Welcome back, Randy! What can I do for you and your friends here?

You snicker when El Disgusto calls Macho Man “Randy.” Macho Man elbows you in the ribs. El Disgusto slaps himself lightly on the forehead. “Oh, how could I be so rude! Please, sit down and rest. I’ll go get you all some food!El Disgusto walks out of the room and returns almost instantly with some chicken wings and protein shakes. You think this is an odd combination, but then you remember that you’re in Wrestlemania.

Everyone starts eating. Do you have any questions for El Disgusto, or will you let Macho Man speak first?

> Question where all the stuff in the house actually went and where he got the chicken wings.

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