Ask Macho Man how all of these Rocks came into existence, and how all but the one you know have managed to stay in hiding.

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Macho Man, why are there dozens of The Rocks here?” “That’s a story for another time, kid. We need to eat. Pass me the creamed corn, will you?

The entire village of The Rocks enter the room. They sit down at the table and begin eating. One of the The Rocks speaks. “Explain why you need our help.

John Cena has become too powerful. I know he wiped out your tribe once, but now we have Gregory. He can help us. I’ve tested some others, and he’s the cream of the crop.The Rocks look at Macho Man in a distrusting way. “How do we know your claims are true, Macho Man? You lied to us once before. Why should we trust you now?” “Because if we don’t act now, Cena will take over all of Wrestlemania. We need your help fighting his armies.

We will help, but only when you have weakened Cena. You do not deserve our full strength. The traitor failed us once; he will not fail us again. We will let you rest here, but then you will leave.Macho Man seems satisfied by this response, and briefly responds. “Thank you for your hospitality.” One of the The Rocks leads you out of the room to a sleeping quarters. You lay down and instantly fall asleep.

You wake up refreshed just before nightfall. Macho Man wakes you up and leads you outside. You find The Rock meditating on a tree stump outside the village. He notices you and silently begins following you and Macho Man. You all leave without saying a word.

You head south along the road for a long time. You figure you should say something to break the silence.

> I still want that pill. Please help my family is dying

> Ask the Rock and Macho Man where this road leads, and where we're going.

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