Quietly toss the jar of soup I saved earlier aside, then ask the Rock what his title means among the people in his society, and ask Macho Man if there's anything more he can tell me about the mission or where we're going.

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You go to throw the jar of soup away, but then you remember that you dropped it in shock when you first saw The Rock at his cabin. You turn to look at the ghostly figure of Macho Man. “What else can you tell me about where we’re going?” “See for yourself. We’re here.

You look ahead of you and see a small encampment near the shore of a pond. You and your party walk up to the wooden gates. The Rock knocks on the door. The gates swing open to reveal at least twenty The Rocks. These people are all literally the exact same person. What? How do these people even exist?

The first The Rock speaks. “Why have you come here?

We seek your aid. Cena is back and more powerful than ever. If we don’t stop him, no one will,” said Macho Man. The first The Rock turns to your The Rock. “You are forbidden to enter this place. Your crimes were too great.The Rock nods in understanding. “I will stay out here. You and Macho Man go inside.

The first The Rock leads you and Macho Man into the compound. The buildings appear to be more primitive than The Rock’s cabin, being made almost entirely of wood. You also see several forges and what looks like an armory. The first The Rock leads you into the largest building: A dining hall.

You enter the torchlit hall and the familiar smell of The Rock’s perpetual stew floods your nostrils. Another The Rock prompts you to sit down. You and Macho Man do so. All the The Rocks leave the room, and you’re left alone with Macho Man.

Any questions?” asks Macho Man.

> Ask Macho Man how all of these Rocks came into existence, and how all but the one you know have managed to stay in hiding.

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