Ask the Rock what the actual connection between him, Macho Man, and John Cena is, and if any other wrestlers are part of this puzzle.

January 22, 2016 (Last modified Sun Mar 3 01:01 -0500)

So what connection do you have to Macho Man and John Cena? Are any other wrestlers involved?

You aren’t ready to know that, and I’m not ready to tell you. Drink some coffee, you’ll need it for the long tr-The Rock is interrupted by a familiar ghostly voice… “Want some cream with that?

The ghost of Macho Man has arrived. “He’s ready, Dwayne. This kid’s got serious potential. If we’re ever gonna regain control of Wrestlemania from Cena, he needs to know everything.The Rock sighs. “Fine. Gregory, I am telling you this against my better judgment.

Cena and I were once friends, but Cena was led awry by the dark lord of Wrestlemania. I knew something was wrong with the lord, but I followed Cena. I led him straight to my tribe like a fool, and he and his minions killed them. I helped a few escape, but they have never forgiven me. This is why I live alone, far away from anyone.

You are shocked at The Rock’s story. He and Cena used to be friends? How could such a nice person be friends with your terrible former roommate? Before you have a chance to think any more, Macho Man starts speaking.

We need to get the rest of your tribe on board before we move on. It’ll be hard, I know, but we have to try.The Rock hesitates, then nods his head in approval. “We must go now. Their camp should be a few miles north of here. We’ll be there by sunrise.

The ghost of Macho Man has joined your party!

You have so many questions, and you have hours until your group reaches The Rock’s old tribe. Will you ask The Rock and Macho Man for more information, or is it best to stay silent for now?

> Ask Macho Man what it's like being dead, and ask the Rock if he can write his soup recipe down for you.

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